miniature dinosaur garden

Miniature Dinosaur Garden: Fun DIY for the Dinosaur Fan in Your House

My son Hussein is a big dinosaur fan! I had wanted to build him a miniature dinosaur garden for a while and got around to it last week. It was a small project that didn’t cost much and hardly took 45 minutes, but my son has been enjoying it immensely and it promises many hours of fun this summer inshaAllah.


I chose an empty flower bed in my house but you can also make the miniature dinosaur garden in a flower pot. Do remember that the location of your garden will dictate the plants you can use.

What you need:

In order to keep the cost down, I tried to use as many things from around the house. The only thing I bought for this project were the plants because I wanted to use succulents, so that they survive year round.

miniature dinosaur park

Here are some of the things you will need for the miniature dinosaur garden:

  • Plants (succulents will survive year round, if you use a flower pot you can use indoor plants also and keep the pot inside)
  • Small dinosaurs (I collected the many we had lying around the house)
  • Fun additions to your garden such as trains, stones, structures, fences etc.
  • Flower pot and soil (if needed)
  • Small shovel

How to:

  • Have a plan for your miniature dinosaur garden before you start including the space you will use and what goes where.
  • Place the plants in the soil based on where everything else goes and then start placing the dinosaurs and the various toys.
  • We did a train theme along with the dinosaurs.
  • Make sure you water the plants and take care of them!

Our miniature dinosaur garden is conveniently placed beside our trampoline, so if kids are waiting for turns they can play in the garden in the meanwhile.

Do you have a dinosaur fan in your house? Let me know if you try this idea!

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