Travelling to Pakistan with Kids

Travelling to Pakistan With Kids: Tips from an Experienced Mom!

I have been travelling to Pakistan with kids for the past seven years and am asked a lot to share tips on how to do it best. Traveling to Pakistan with kids requires some special logistical planning. Sharing some of my favorite tips and tricks.

Travel Documents

Make sure that all passports are valid and not expired. If you or your child does not have a Pakistani passport you need either a NICOP card or a Visa to travel on your passport.


If you’re traveling to Pakistan with kids without one or both of their parents, you need a consent letter from all people who have legal rights on the children. Here is the recommended format of the letter.

Travel vaccinations

Travel vaccinations should be at the top of your list of things to do before travelling to Pakistan with kids. For travel to Pakistan most travel clinics recommend the hepatitis A and B and typhoid vaccinations. You might need a tetanus booster if your last one was ten years ago. Make a visit to a travel clinic a few months before you travel because some vaccinations like hepatitis require six months for the complete dosage. The travel clinic might also have recommendations for malaria exposure and prescribe medicine to keep on hand for common ailments.

The hepatitis vaccination is only offered to children after 12 months of age and typhoid is for children 2 years and older. Hepatitis vaccination is for life and typhoid is good for two years. These facts are based on my own experience. Please consult with a travel clinic for advice specific to you.


Unless you have a direct flight to Pakistan, you will have layovers at airports and having a stroller for smaller children definitely makes life easier. However do keep in mind that if you’re transiting through Dubai or Doha you do not get your stroller at the gate at these airports. These airports have complimentary strollers available for parents inside the terminal. Do check with your travel agent or the airport staff about when and where you will get your stroller.


Most countries require infants and children till a certain age to use car seats. This is not the case in Pakistan. You may chose to take your car seat because your child is used to it and it’s definitely safer. You might also be worried that your child might fall out their habit of sitting in the car seat if you don’t maintain it in Pakistan.

You may choose not to have your child in a car seat while in Pakistan which is fine also, considering most cars don’t travel at high speeds. However it’s strongly recommended not to sit in the front seat with a child and to always have them in the back seat with an adult.


Having a carrier makes travel convenient if you have a baby under 18 months of age with you. I love how I can use both my hands after putting the baby in the carrier which comes super handy when you have to hand over the stroller at the gate and get to your seat. Make sure your carrier has good back support for you.


Most of the brands your child uses are available in Pakistan. Ask family to stock up on diapers before you arrive. Ask mommies in Pakistan about the stores they shop at and about availability of the diapers, wipes, milk, formula etc you’re looking for. Use good general hygiene and avoid eating raw fruit and vegetables outside. Also use bottled mineral water and avoid dairy products from outside.

BOTTLE Sterilizer

A bottle sterilizer is essential to keep bottles clean, sanitized and germs away. I love the 2-in-1 electric sterilizer by Philips Avent. It’s compact in size and can still fit upto five bottles! Plus it can sterilize bottles and accessories together at the same time. The sterilizer uses natural steam and kills 99.9% of harmful germs without using chemicals. The sterilized contents will be sterile for upto 24 hours if the lid is not opened! All these features, make this sterilizer one of my most favorite!


  • Do keep the information of one doctor who is recommended by other moms with you all the time.
  • Use sun screen and insect repellents regularly!
  • Use general common sense and enjoy travelling to Pakistan with kids!

Hope you enjoyed these ideas! What are your favorite tips of travelling to Pakistan with kids? Always love hearing from you!

Disclaimer: This blog post is sponsored by Philips Avent. All opinions are my own.

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4 thoughts on “Travelling to Pakistan With Kids: Tips from an Experienced Mom!

  1. I just found your blog and I love it!!!! I’m a new mom from Chicago and it’s great to find a blog that bridges both cultures together. I do have one question. My daughter will be 10months old in August and my husbands family would like us to bring her to Karachi for a wedding. I was wondering is 10 months of age ok to take my daughter? Do all babies really get sick there? I was wondering if you hadn’t any insight with this, thanks!

    1. Thank so much! Be careful of water esp in Karachi. Even bath the baby with mineral water. Avoid salads and open fruit. The baby will be good inshaAlah!

  2. hi
    thank you so much for your very valuable info
    We just welcomed our newborn baby girl to our family in Canada
    we are planning to visit pakistan at end of the year may be,
    i went through the sites and forms but could not understand the dcoument actually required,
    as i went to fill in form for NICOP, it asks for previous citizenship number which the kid doe not have yet.
    Kindly if you can guide how to get resident card
    secondly if i get family registration form, will that be enough for travel or if not, is a FRC required for resident card.

    Appreciate your help

  3. Hi! Both, my husband and I, are Polish nationals living in the UK. We have 3 children. We plan to visit friends in Pakistan. I was wondering if You know anything regarding visas? On the Pakistani Embassy website I can see only adult applications. Will the children be included with parent visa? Also what if a child or adult is not able to receive vaccination (e.g. allergy to one of the ingredients)? Thank You:)

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