New Pakistani dramas recommendations for 2018

New Pakistani Dramas Recommendations for 2018: Life after ‘Aangan’ and ‘Suno Chanda’

If you’re missing ‘Aangan’ and ‘Suno Chanda’, you’re definitely not alone! Sharing New Pakistani dramas recommendations for 2018 to watch after these amazing dramas. First off if you haven’t watched ‘Aangan’ and ‘Suno Chanda’ start off with these right away! Also loved ‘Sange mar mar’ and ‘Aakhri Station’ from earlier this year. Now let’s discuss the ones on air currently.

New Pakistani Dramas Recommendations for 2018

Let me first be honest and say that there is no drama from among the new ones that I’m really loving. But if you’re like me and need a drama to enjoy a cup of chai with and unwind, or have in the background as you cook, you would like these new Pakistani dramas recommendations for 2018.

I’m providing an honest review of the new ones I have seen, along with a rating. Would love to have your input also on which new ones are you liking!


‘Ghughi’ is based on the Gulzar movie ‘Pinjar’ and since I have seen the movie, I have been watching the drama on and off. It definitely is a great effort and I love the message of the pain of the partition that was felt on both sides of the border. The story is reaching it’s conclusion and looks like only a few episodes are left.

Verdict: 7/10

‘Zan Mureed’/’Kaise Aurat hon Mein’

I have put both these Nadia Khan dramas in the same heading, since not only is the lead actress the same, but so is the similar evil sister-in-law character and the topic of women empowerment. I feel both the dramas raise great issues but wish the pace was faster.

Verdict: 5/10


I had heard lots of great reviews about this one and am on episode 3 so far. Love the old walled city of Lahore in which the drama is set. It’s a good relaxed watch! Don’t like any of the heroes though but the lead character by Ushna Shah of Bubbli is interesting.

Verdict: 6/10


This one falls in my “guilty pleasure” category. The story is predictable and the characters quite black and white. But Mikael Zulfiqar playing the bad flirtatious boy and Junaid Khan as the shareef and gareeb gentleman are a treat to watch!

Verdict: 6/10

‘Baban Khala Ke Bateyan’

Don’t watch! I switched on to the first episode because of the ensemble cast but it’s an absolute disaster with 45-year-old ladies trying to play 20-year-olds by sporting two braids. Disaster.

Verdict: 0/10

‘Noor ul ain’

This was a huge disappointment for me! The story got lost along the way and seems like Sarmad Khoosat took a nap as he directed this one. So much potential in this project with the cast but totally lost.

Verdict: 2/10

Hope you enjoyed the new Pakistani dramas recommendations for 2018. Which ones are you watching?

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15 thoughts on “New Pakistani Dramas Recommendations for 2018: Life after ‘Aangan’ and ‘Suno Chanda’

  1. 100/- agreed with your reviews about latest dramas …Kindly watch “Tabeer” Khalish” Ishiq Tamasha …. In these three Khalish is good enough to kill the time…but Tabeer in the beginning good but now…? Ustani ji”is normal …One serial has just start “ میں ہار نہیں مانوں گی” The story is strong but let’s see how it goes….

  2. Babban khala ki betiyan is actually a good drama , which depicts the problem of girls facing circumstances due to not availability of appropriate rishta

  3. This season I have been so disappointed in all the dramas that have come out , cant even think of one that I wait for every week. Ik aam si larki is also good time pass.

  4. Watch meri guria airing on ARY at the moment. It’s on child rape and a must watch. Sania saeed is amazing. And the guy playing molester is awesome actor. Though you can’t watch it with kids around (at least I wont) but I think every parent should watch that.

  5. Aangan was my favouritest drama. I loved the spirit of happiness in it and i was a little disappointed by some last episodes because of all the tragedies. I mean it used to be a happy little pill for me in my very disturbing life and us mein bhi rona shuru hou gya

  6. I just need to say that I literally happened to stumble upon this site… and I am sooooo excited to have found others like me!!

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