Pakistani drama Aangan

7 Reasons Why I Loved Pakistani Drama Aangan

Pakistani Drama Aangan wrapped up on ARY Digital and gained huge popularity because of it’s hilarious script and well-loved cast. The drama started on a very light note and took on some important social issues. It ended on a realistic note since happiness and tragedy are all part of life. Sharing seven reasons why I loved the Pakistani drama Aangan. What were yours? (Post updated: June 2018)

1. Realistic characters

Aangan has characters who are real to life and imperfect in their own ways. I love Hajra for her loyalty to her family as the eldest bahu (daughter-in-law) holding everyone together, but she also her own shortcomings. The mother-in-law is hilarious and loves her children but is also afraid of them. The family complains and bickers but stands up for each other.

2. Hilarious script

The best part of the story was the hilarious script by Faiza Iftikhar. Only she can show us the irresponsibility of Zahid towards his family and devotion towards his Tableeghi Jamat in such a light way, which is otherwise a very sensitive topic to bring up. Aneela and her husband Ala-uddin have become household favorites due to their memorable depiction of the nand and damaad from hell.

3. Highlighting Social Issues

I love how the drama Aangan brings forward the following important social issues folded in it’s hilarious script:

  • Couples dealing with infertility as we see the struggles of Laila and shows us how people’s concern and intrigue is hurtful for the couple.
  • Zoya is older to the boy who falls for her and he takes a stand for her against the wishes of his mother. The drama shows how it’s OK and should be encouraged.
  • Zahid gives more importance to the rituals of religion and does not pay attention to fulfilling the needs of his family by keeping a job.
  • The brother who has moved abroad becomes selfish and distant from the family.
  • Shayna is encouraged by her father to pursue her education and career instead of getting married early.
  • The rift between the children on the ownership of the house and factory is a fatal blow to the family.

4. Ensemble Cast

Each member of the cast is important and holds the story together. I love the drama Aangan because of each member of it’s cast and how they have endeared themselves to the audience. Be it Hajra, Anila, Laila, Sajjad Bhai or Abba Jee, each member of the cast did a great job!

5. lessons in a Light Manner

There are important lessons embedded within the jokes such as the importance of family planning, being financially independent for your family, holding the family together and being sensitive towards couples dealing with infertility.

6. Nostalgic Appeal

Aangan reminds us all of the dramas that we grew up watching with family values, strong scripts and well-developed characters.

7. Relatable Family

Aangan is a family all of us can relate to with its love, imperfections and bickering. The story has scenarios which all of us have lived through or witnessed. This is what gives the drama Aangan it’s appeal and huge fan following.

Did you follow the drama Aangan? What were your reasons to love the story?

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13 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why I Loved Pakistani Drama Aangan

  1. You’ve perfectly hi-lighted all the reasons why it is my favorite drama to watch these days! So authentic in it’s content and characters! love it

  2. Absolutely my thoughts! Loving the drama! Such a breath of fresh air. I really admire how realistically the family has been portrayed- something each one of us can relate to!

    1. So glad you agree! I’m happy this drama is so popular so that more like this follow. Thanks for your feedback.

  3. I love the dramas because i can relate to it..It’s story of all of us..and the way author and director depicted it close to reality…that is one can do justice to it..better than this…

  4. Love this drama!!! Could relate to it on personal level. A commendable effort by writer and all the actors who are performing in this play. At last we are coming out of the influence of Indian domestic politics theme based never ending serials.This drama portraying the various beautiful shades of our very own culture and a closely knit family.

  5. And we all are looking forward for the next episode even though there is no glamour and unnecessary ramantic scenes.

  6. I personally don’t think the whole abroad brother hate was necessary, my parents live abroad, away from their families, but absolutely love and adore their parents and visit them like twice a year, send money, respect them and their ways of living, don’t have pakistan and/or going their. We’re pretty much the opposite of the abroad brother shown in this drama

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