Iconic Sridevi Roles

Iconic Sridevi Roles

Sridevi is a Bollywood legend and a favorite actress for so many of us! We grew up loving her movies and her many fun roles. She tragically passed away on February 24, 2018, in Dubai from cardiac arrest at the age of 54. Sridevi was always graceful and fashionable. As a little girl with a prominent nose, it was lovely to see a major Bollywood heroine who refined the definition of beauty. Sharing my favorite iconic Sridevi roles.

1. Hawa Hawaii in Mr. India

Sridevi stole our hearts as the colorful, flamboyant and hilarious Hawa Hawaii in Mr. India! The song remains one of my favorite 80s memory and is etched in my heart.

Iconic Sridevi roles

2. Chandani in/as CHandani

Chandani is not just one of the most iconic Sridevi roles but also defines Bollywood for so many of us with the Swiss alps, the yellow sari and the beautiful melodies.

Iconic Sridevi roles

3. Rajni In Nagina

As a child I loved doing the snake dance (sometimes even for the entertainment of guests!!) inspired by Sridevi’s role as the avenging-shape-shifter snake in Nagina. The song “mein teri dushman…” was one of my favorites!

Iconic Sridevi roles

4. Pooja and Pallavi in Lamhe

Sridevi played a memorable double role as both mother and daughter in the classic Lamhe opposite Anil Kapoor. The movie is a favorite for many and Sridevi plays one of her most memorable roles in the movie.

5. Anju and Manju in ChalBaaz

Another double role for Sridevi, I loved her playing the roles of twin sisters Anju and Manju separated at birth.

Iconic Sridevi roles

6. Shashi in English Vinglish

Sridevi warmed our hearts in the role of Shashi in English Vinglish and charmed us with her grace and poise. Shashi starts to learn English and embarks on a path of self-respect. You really have to see this movie.

What are some of your favorite Iconic Sridevi roles? She will truly be missed!

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  1. A great selection. I think I would have picked up the same roles if I were to write her a tribute. What a great entertainer. She was one of the few bollywood heriones who would have the entire movie written around them. She was not just a pretty face, a piece of glamour added to the movie. She did rolls with substance. Deeply saddened by her demise.

  2. So shocked and depressed at the sudden news of her death. I am a great admirer of her . The last movie I saw her twice is “Mom” . Unforgettable character by her . RIP

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