Urdu Poems for Kids

Urdu Poems for Kids: Kis Ne Banaya Machli Ko

“Kis ne banaya machli ko” is one of the fun Urdu poems for kids that I used to sing at school as a child myself and now love it when my children sing it with me.

Do checkout this video where Hussein also makes his first appearance on our YouTube channel:

We used to sing this song at our school assembly and it brings many fond memories for me.

Here are the lyrics:

Kis Ne Banaya Machli Ko: One of the Famous Urdu Poems for Kids

Kis ne banaya machli ko,

Machli ko, machli ko,

Khuda ne banaya machli ko,

Banaya machli ko,

Kis ne banaya phulon ko,

Phulon ko, phulon ko,

Khuda ne banaya phulon ko,

Banaya phulon ko,

Kis ne banaya titli ko,

Titli ko, titli ko,

Khuda ne banaya titli ko,

Banaya titli ko,….

Kis ne banaya hum sab ko,

Hum sab ko, hum sab ko,

Khuda ne banaya hum sab ko,

Banaya hum sab ko”

This song becomes interesting for children with fun gestures that you can follow from our video above.

Hussein joined us for the first time in this video and it was quite an interesting experience. While it was difficult getting him to sit in one spot, his enthusiasm was quite infectious. We hope to have him in more of our videos as a lot of you requested it!

Learning Objectives – Urdu Poems for Kids

  • You can use this poem to build your child’s Urdu vocabulary.
  • This is an engaging and interactive song to develop the interest of young children in Urdu.
  • You can extend this song to follow any theme such as animals or a specific Urdu alphabet.

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