home-made strawberry icecream

Home-made Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe

Here is another super delicious and simple recipe from my Phupo, who I lovingly call Phupo Pari. We shared the home-made strawberry ice cream recipe on Instagram stories when she was visiting me last month and a lot of you requested the written recipe. So here it is!


Condensed milk one tin

Strawberries 10-12

Thickened cream 2 packets 150 grams each (similar to milkpak, we used a brand called puck that we found in a desi store in Canada)

Gelatine 1 tablespoon

Strawberry essence 2 drops

Home-made Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe

  • Cut the strawberries into small pieces removing the leaves.
  • Place in a blender with condensed milk and blend it all together.
  • Take out two packets of thickened cream (150 grams each) in a bowl and beat with an electrical whisker.
  • Whisk it in circular movements so that it becomes fluffy. Now add condensed milk and strawberries mix and beat some more.
  • Take one bowl of hot water. Now take one tablespoon of hot water in a smaller bowl and place inside the first bowl. Now pour in 1 tablespoon gelatine in the one tablespoon of water and mix constantly to form liquid and such that crystals don’t form in the mix.
  • Now pour the gelatine in the mix and add two drops of strawberry essence and beat some more.
  • Now put the mix in a air tight container and put in the freezer for atleast eight hours and beat again.
  • Now place in the freezer overnight.
  • Take out the container and place in room temperature for 10-15 minutes before serving.
  • We put the ice cream in a waffle bowl and served with strawberries.

Hope you enjoy this delicious home-made strawberry icecream! Do tell me if you try it and how it turns out.

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  1. hi,can you let me know what do you mean by thickened cream? what cream did you use because i think we have whipping cream only in canada. thnx for the clarification

    1. We used a brand called “puck” available in a desi store in Canada. You basically need a cream with the same consistency as “milkpak” cream in Pakistan.

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