Review of Pakistani Drama Baaghi

I just finished watching the last episode of the Pakistani drama Baaghi and my heart is heavy with so many emotions: sadness, mourning and regret. Saba Qamar did a phenomenal job depicting the life, trial and challenges of the lead character. Baaghi was based on the life of social media sensation Qandeel Baloch who tragically became a victim of honor-killing in 2016.

Qandeel’s death sparked just as much intrigue and debate, as her life had. There are many polarized opinions about Qandeel’s means to fame. Qandeel Baloch became one of the most well-known names in Pakistan after rising from a small village in Punjab. Baaghi was her story and gave us an insight into her life behind the selfies and the viral videos.

The drama used the name, Kanwal Baloch, for the main character. However, it was quite clear that the events were all from Qandeel Baloch’s life. Watching the poverty, depravity and hardships from Qandeel’s life gave more dimensions to her story. How easy it is to mock, pass on moral judgements and write self-righteous status updates on our smart phones, as we sit on comfortable sofas in our air-conditioned houses with a full stomach. To empathize with the other, be in their shoes, imagine sleeping on that hard charpaye in hot summer nights, bitten by mosquitoes all night and with the smell of the neighbouring cattle, is the less comfortable option. So we judge, we mock and we categorize people as black and white.

I felt sad for the end of Qandeel’s life. I mourned that she (and many in her similar situation) do not get a chance for amends. I regretted that we as a society judged her and passed on hate through our social media shares, comments and discussions. The worst part is that we still continue to do so. We hate, we mock and we ridicule without understanding and without compassion.

A big shout out of Osman Khalid Butt and Laila Zuberi for showing us an example through their characters of how to be different and dare to accept the circumstances of others.

Baaghi finished on a note of introspection, leaving us with many questions. They stretched the drama in the middle and kept some questions like the involvement of Mufti Qavi out of the drama. But overall Baaghi was a thought-provoking story and a lovely attempt by the whole team. Did you follow the story? What did you think?

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7 thoughts on “Review of Pakistani Drama Baaghi

  1. The drama was very well-made and provided insight into the reasoning and actions of the main character. I agree whatever she did and how she did were not correct in any way, but sadly our society leaves no choice to such people who don’t have a wealth of connections and rich families at their back.
    I applaud the performaces of all main characters, esp Saba Q and Osman B. Heartfelt performances!!
    None the less, the lady in question should not have ended the way she did. Everyone deserves to live and let live. No one has the right to take your life like that. Absolutely no one.

  2. Nobody impresses me as much as Saba Qamar! She is extremely talented and does justice to all of her roles including this one!

    The ending was expected but it was still very tragic. Also, tragic was that the brother who killed her, was actually the brother she loved the most.

    I was also impressed with Sarmad Khosaat as Rahima! I was almost certain that he would be the one killing Kanwal not Munna.

    I wished that some coverage was given to the controversial Mufti Qawi chapter in Qandeel’s life. I feel that there was a very subtle hint of it in the show in form of the Maulvi talking to Munna about his sister. It kind od depicts how the theocrats still regulates the behaviour of individuals and societies.

    As strong advocate of women rights and freedom of expression, I was saddened by the fact that so many women are not allowed to dream big in Pakistan and those who do are brought down by the society. Every single step in the direction of success and happiness is such a big effort for women in Pakistan!!

    Nevertheless, Baaghi will go down in echleons of history as a masterpiece!!

  3. Baaghi glued me with Urdu 1 for
    So long. But the last episode left me with a tremendous amount of sadness and sorry for the kind of mind set and environment we are living in. Saba Qamar’s performance was phenomenal especially her acting of helplessness in the last moment of the character was heart wrenching. She is a gifted artist.

  4. Even though we knew the ending of the drama, yet we continued watching it till the end, thanks to Saba Qamar for brilliant performance. Had it not been for Saba, the character of Qandeel Baloch would not have been possible.All in all a great drama, yet there were many loop holes within the story, how its possible for a young woman to travel all the way from a small village to a big city, with no money. no place to live and absolutely no support. I, after crying my eyes out for hours, thought to review the drama too, Would love your comment too, Urdu mom, here you go

  5. I’ve just finished watching the last episode and I am heart wrecked, thanks to Saba Qamar’s perfect performance. MashaAllah! It’s a real tragedy that hurting one’s sister would even cross any siblings mind. What an injustice!
    We as a society are to blame for this.

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