reasons to love shalwars

Five Reasons to Love Shalwars

I was extremely happy to see that Shalwars are back in fashion on my recent trip to Pakistan. Here are five reasons to love Shalwars and celebrate their entry back into trendy outfits:

1. Shalwars are super comfortable

My number one reason to love Shalwars is that they are super comfortable! They don’t ride up when I sit down like trousers/pants and also hide my thunder thighs quite well.

2. Shalwars styles

They now come in super cute styles and designs. I’m still on the fence about tulip shalwars but I love the ones with bows at the bottom, the pin tripped ones and with cute jamawar borders in contrasting colors.

[Below: Hanging out at Lake view park in Islamabad]

Reasons to love Shalwars

3. white Shalwar

White Shalwar. Enough said. Love the classic simplicity of a white shalwar. It reminds me of the days where entire summer wardrobes were built around the white shalwar, a few lawn shirts stitched by the tailor and white dupattas. I was extremely happy to get my white shalwar stitched after years.

[Below: Mirror selfies at my parents’ house in Islamabad, expecting one of my monkeys to jump in]

Reasons to love shalwars

4. one shalwar, many waist sizes

Now unlike trousers, pants and tights that have given me grief as my waist size fluctuated over the years, a shalwar is more forgiving and can accommodate many sizes.

5. Shalwars are flexible

Shalwars can be dressed up with heels, or dressed down for comfort with flats. You can wear them with long shirts and short. And a shalwar and an old Tshirt is really the best outfit ever to get into the cleaning mode!

I’m sure you can tell how much I love shalwars and excited for their return. Have you tried Shalwars recently? What do you think? What are your reasons to love Shalwars?

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6 thoughts on “Five Reasons to Love Shalwars

  1. Looks so comfy, do you recommend any online sites for ordering for those of us not able to travel, but want to be just as comfortable:)

  2. Yessss, love the fact that Shalwars are ‘in’ again!! So comfy & graceful! 😉

  3. I m from nepal n salwar suits are cery trendy here. I just love pakistani style

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