Meal Plan for the Week

It’s Sunday and the new week stretches before us with its many possibilities and the ever-present question: Ajj kya pakana hai (what to cook today). Sharing a weekly meal plan to give you ideas and help with the grocery trip! Lots of great recipes included like Dal, Afghani Pulao, Pan Fried Salmon, Baingan Ka Bhurta, Nihari, Pizza Paratha etc!

dal recipe

monday: Daal + Chawal + Kebab

After all the weekend gluttony, start the week on the right note with a classic Daal with white rice and Shami kebab.

+ Daal Recipe

+ Shami Kebab

tuesday:  Pan fried Salmon + Vegetables

Include Fish in your weekly diet with Salmon along with lots of steamed vegetables like Broccoli, Asparagus and Carrots.

+ Pan Fried Salmon by Chefling Tales

wednesday: Afghani Pulao + Raita

Get over the mid week blues with colorful Afghani Pulao on the table. Serve with salad and Raita (Yogurt + onions + salt + zeera powder)

+ Afghani Pulao Recipe

Thursday: Leftovers Day

Keep Thursday hassle free by enjoying all the left overs

Friday: Baingan + White Rice

This eggplant recipe is perfect for Friday. Enjoy with boiled rice.

+ Baingan ka Bhurta Recipe


Saturday: Nihari Day!

Invite friends and family over and make a big pot of Nihari!

+ Nihari Recipe


Sunday: Pizza Paratha

Pizza + Paratha? Why Not! Try this recipe from Food Fusion.

Hope you enjoyed all these recipes! Let me know if you try any of them! Enjoy your weekend 🙂

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