eid dresses and looks

Eid Dresses and Looks

Eid is a celebration of family, love and traditions. There are colorful events, delicious food, and many opportunities to dress up. Here are the details of the Eid dresses and looks for me and my whole family. Due to our recent trip to Pakistan I was able to plan for Eid dresses in advance. However many pieces were also older ones. Read on for all the details.

Chand raat

Chand Raat the night before Eid, is a colorful event where girls put on mehndi/henna and everyone gets ready for the big celebrations the next day. The celebrations kick off with the sighting of the Eid moon.

eid dress chand raat

I wore a black and gold RangJa skirt that I bought from Lahore with a GAP blouse I bought in Canada. This blouse is sleeveless so I added a Forever 21 undershirt that has full lace sleeves. The necklace is an imitation one that I bought in Calgary from a girl who brings jewelry from Pakistan under the brand Rangraiz.

Eid morning

eid dresses family

For Eid morning Zeynab wore a bright pink kameez and pajama from Minnie Minors. She wore khussas that we bought from Khussa Centre in Islamabad that have beautiful truck art on them. Hussein wore a deep green kurta from Minnie Minors along with a white shalwar. He refused to wear the Kohati Chapal that I had bought from Khussa Centre and insisted on wearing his Star Wars shoes from SportCheck. Both of the children’s clothes were older ones and I was happy that they still fit into them so used them for Eid again. Jaffar wore a khurta from Khaddi. This is the same one he had worn on our official “haan” ceremony nine years ago.

eid dresses

I wore a hot pink gharara I had worn on Zeynab’s Bismillah ceremony in Pakistan in March. I bought this gharara from the Generation store in Islamabad. I bought the material for the shirt and dupatta from Faisal Cloth Centre in F10 Market in Islamabad and got it stitched from my tailor in Islamabad. I’m wearing Khussas from Khussa Centre in Islamabad that you can’t see in the picture but they were super comfortable.

Eid evening

Eid Dresses

Hussein was pretty much done by evening time, tired by all the activities and high on Eid candy. He did not change his clothes for the evening (as you can tell from all the wrinkles on his clothes). Zeynab wore a Minnie Minor dress that she wore on last Eid also. It still fits so why not!

Eid looks

This white dress was a birthday gift from my mother for this year. I fell in love with the different material pieces in Pakistan. I had wanted to wear a white dress for our Nikah but that couldn’t be due to many superstitious beliefs, therefore I had always wanted to wear a white and gold gharara. My mother made it happen for this Eid! We bought the material from Faisal Cloth Centre in F10 Markaz Islamabad and our family tailor stitched the dress.

Jaffar wore a Kurta from Khaadi and a waist coat I had bought from Islamabad. We totally looked like the Pajero-driving-MNA dating Begum Rana Liaqat Ali Khan! Anyone having a Pakistani politics themed party? We have our looks ready!

In Canada, we usually only have festivities on Chand Raat and Eid day not like in Pakistan where there is Eid day 1, 2 and 3. I do miss home and Pakistan on Eid, but feel lucky to make memories with my own family. Hope you enjoyed our Eid dresses and looks. Now need to plan for Eid ul Azha coming up in less than two months!

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  1. Beautiful dresses! And I want to know the secret of these always perfectly done curls. No no mentioning the products wont do. I request a youtube video plzzzzzz

    1. Thanks Sarah! I wish I could take credit, but in all the Eid photos, it’s a blow dry that lasted me the entire weekend 🙂 for regular days, I have naturally curly hair so most of the products I use are to tame them 🙂

  2. Where is khussa center in isb would luv to get super comfy khussas. btw looking superb MA…stay blessed

    1. Thanks so much! 🙂 Khussa Centre is in F10 markaz opposite Tanti Optics on main double road. Love their Khussas!

  3. Begum Rana liaqut all khan..lol
    Or Fatima jinnah- woman you admire 🙂
    Beautiful family, beautiful looks MashAllah.

    1. Thanks Maryam! It’s a frill of the gharara fabric 🙂 Let me know if you would like a closer look!

  4. Lol @ ‘I had wanted to wear a white dress for our Nikah but that couldn’t be due to many superstitious beliefs, therefore I had always wanted to wear a white and gold gharara’. Story of my life. I’ve been dreaming of a white and gold gharara ever since *sighs*

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