Eid Style

Style Guide to be Eid Ready

I love the buzz and excitement in the house as Eid approaches. Getting the clothes ready for the whole family, making sure the groceries are done, social visits finalized and mehndi cones arranged. However I feel Moms are usually so busy arranging for the whole family, that they are left scrambling for themselves at the last moment and then get blamed for being the last ones to get ready! Sharing a one-stop guide for your Eid style so that you are Eid ready this year!

That’s me in the Eid style in the picture above back in 2013!

Hair Styling support

Some days I feel I need a whole army of minions to style my hair. They seem to develop a mind of their own on busy days as the frizz increases with stress. To avoid any such situations during the Eid days make sure you are well supplied with all products to style your hair.

  • Color your hair a few days before, if you need touch ups or a change.
  • The Babybliss Ceramic Air styler is a great product that I use to dry and style my hair at the same time! I feel it cuts two steps into one and that’s always a win for me.
  • A hair straightener is must to calm frizzy South Asian hair for a final finished look.
  • A good hair spray will help hold any elaborate hair-do you have in mind or saw on YouTube. Make sure you practice once before and that you have hair spray at home.

Even if you get a professional blow dry for Eid, great products help you maintain the style.

Jora Game plan

Yes, we all need a Game Plan for the Eid Jora. When will you buy/order it? What is the delivery time? Have you built in a buffer for error/alterations? what’s the backup plan? Make sure you wear your Eid Jora as soon as it’s ready to see if it needs any changes. If all is good, iron it and hang in the closet to avoid any last minute ironing accidents.

makeup needs

Make sure you go through your makeup supplies to see what you’re missing.

  • Clean all your makeup brushes and see which ones need to be retired.
  • Mascaras should be replaced every three months. Even if yours is still surviving, is it too cakey now?
  • Saw a great makeup tutorial online? Make sure you have the right eye shadow, lipstick and blush that you would need for the look.
  • Is your foundation still working for your skin tone or do you need a change? Remember that our skin changes a few shades in the winter and summer months so the foundation/base needs to be adjusted also.

skin care

Makeup just won’t make you look great. It’s great skin that shines through for a radiant look. Take care of your skin by drinking lots of water and eating healthy. A good skincare regime will help restore and maintain skin to enhance your Eid style.

  • Clean, exfoliate and moisturize your skin with high quality products. No compromise on skin!
  • Sunscreen is essential for all skin exposed to the skin.
  • Use an appropriate night cream for your skin needs.
  • Never sleep with your makeup on!
  • Take out time once a week to put on a face mask to give your skin some TLC

hands and feet

Hands and feet get a lot of attention at Eid. See if you can manage a manicure and pedicure a couple of days before. Make sure you have the right shade of nail polish. Before picking a shade for the nails, remember that you will also probably have mehndi on.

shoes, accessories ETC

  • Shoes for me, make or break an outfit. Make sure you have a pair that goes with your Jora. If you will be out and about the whole day and wearing heels, keep a comfortable pair of khussas nearby to change into when your feet hurt.
  • A bag on Eid is essential to not only dispense eidi to all the children but also carry your own kids’ eidi.
  • Take out the jewelry you plan to wear and check if they need any adjustment.

camera ready?

Take out and dust off the expensive DSLR a couple of days before Eid. Check the battery and space. Think of a backdrop for your pictures. You will all be ready on Eid, might as well take some memorable pictures.

Hope you enjoyed these tips and they help your Eid style this year! Is your Eid tayari done?

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