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Girl Talk: The L word!

Moms are girls too right? Always! So let’s enjoy some Girl Talk today as I want to bring up the L word that’s a bit of a taboo in our society: Lingerie. Any little thing counts to make you feel great and sometimes it’s the right under garments. If your drawer is full of granny colors and your pajamas are older than your first born let’s talk about bringing back the Love in this particular L word.

If you’re a guy and still reading this, you have been warned, this is strictly girl talk!

keep it fun

Push yourself to pick a fun color next time you shop. Why only restrict yourself to “skin”, beige or white? Red, Orange, Black, Purple and Blue are fun picks. Make peace with your shape/size and your new “mom” body. You’re gorgeous. Granny colors can wait.

Wash them right

Always hand wash your lingerie with a detergent that does not have harsh chemicals. Never wrench and always hang to dry. Wash colors separately.

storing tricks

Store your lingerie in such a way that all of it is visible once you open the drawer or cupboard. Things which get hidden at the back are usually forgotten about. I love Marie Kondo’s method of folding and storing lingerie. Her basic concept it to fold items in such a way that they can be stored vertically for convenient visual scanning.  Watch this video as she explains her method.

Pajamas all day long – why not?

Pajamas are the unofficial uniform of moms around the world and why not? I say let’s embrace the comfort of pajamas and stock our cupboards with pajamas that are easy on the eyes too. Experiment with different textures so that you have a variety in your collection to fit your mood.


Along with colors, experiment with various patterns to mix and match your lingerie pieces. Plaid, polka dots, stripes, hearts, little teddy bears? Why not!

Be confident

We often hear that when you look great, you feel great. But the opposite is also true: when you feel great, you look great! As you stay busy taking care of your family, it’s good to make some time for your own care too. Remember, you can not pour from an empty cup.

Disclaimer: This blog post is sponsored by British Lingerie Studio. All opinions are my own. Do checkout their womans-health-info for store details and their Facebook and Instagram for the amazing product line!

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  1. Always a fan of good quality ‘L’ 😉 . Nothing makes us grown mommies feel more girly than playing around with all your suggestions! Lovely article.

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