Karbala for Children

Muharram and Karbala for Children

Muharram is the first month of the Islamic Calendar. The tenth day of this month is called Ashura and marks the martyrdom of Imam Hussain with His companions in the battle of Karbala. The events of Karbala are tragic and significant for all Muslims irrespective of whether they are Shia or Sunnis. There are universal lessons to be learnt of bravery, integrity, piety and patience. I compiled a list of resources to learn about Karbala for children. Hope this helps all parents.

Most Majalis have difficult language and are not catered to children. Here are some resources to learn about Muharram and Karbala for children.

Heros of KARBala

These lovely short videos in English are great to explain the stories of the various heroes and heroines of Karbala to children. Narrated by children themselves, these videos will definitely appeal to young kids.

The stories of the children of Karbala will help the young ones relate to the tragedy and heroism of Karbala.

Hazrat Ali Asghar:

Hazrat Sakina:

Hazrat Fatemah Sughra:

Bibi Zaynab

Bibi Um Ul Banin

story of KARbala:

Kids Mania Muharram Special

Hadi TV’s Kids Mania has some Muharram special episodes, linked below. These are in Urdu.

Story of Karbala NARRATED by Children

A great story in English to explain the events of Karbala for children. The narration is by various children, making it more relatable to their peers.

Muharram Kids Magazine

This is a lovely compilation of stories and talks. Below is the link of one show and you can follow the rest on YouTube. The host Alia Fatima is just too cute! The show is in Urdu.

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Projects and Speeches for Muharram

Kisa Kids has compiled a wonderful document called Project Muharram. This contains 10 projects for children appropriate for age 5 and up, to talk about the lessons from Karbala. You can adapt according to your preferences.

There are also lectures that can be shared with children and have lots of opportunities for questions and engagement. Link below. These are in English.


Here is another workbook of activities and lessons for children.

Story of KARbala For Children through Images

The link contains the story of Karbala through Images. Appropriate for children 6+

Story of Karbala for Children

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Karbala Worksheets

Here is a colouring book for little children to colour and read the story of Karbala.

Here’s another workbook for children which is engaging and informative.

Special Note for Teenagers

I wanted to add a special note for teenagers. Introduce them to Ammar Nakshawani through his lectures available online and on YouTube. His approach appeals to teenagers. Here is the link to his Facebook page.

Hope these resources help parents. May we all benefit from the lessons of Karbala and carry on the legacy of Imam Hussain.

15 thoughts on “Muharram and Karbala for Children

  1. Thank you for this post— Lots of good info & resources for the kids! I feel it’s so important that we teach our kids, the next generations, the lessons from Karbala so that they also carry on the message & legacy of Imam Hussain.

  2. It’s just amazing collection. I would definitely make my three kids listen to them. Tamania you ave done a tremendously beautiful job. Allah put barakah in your life. Amen.

  3. Was trying to google some kids Muharram stuff , n found this blog ! Loved it n the videos are too good ! Ever since I have shared it on my Facebook, it’s a popular post n all my friends are sharing it further! Thanks 🙏 for the information provided inthe blog!

  4. I feel so happy that I saw your post… May Allah bless you with ajar for this kind deed. JazakAllah!
    This is going to help me a lot for the kids!

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