Home-made Raspberry Jam

Home-made Raspberry Jam

This home-made raspberry jam recipe is extremely versatile and you can use it to make home-made jam from either raspberries, strawberries or any other berries you have at home. My sister was visiting us earlier this year and she lovingly taught us this recipe. My kids love jam and making their own at home was a great experience.

Home-made Raspberry Jam

Home-made Raspberry Jam Recipe


raspberries, brown sugar and lemons.

How To:

Take some raspberries or mixed berry or whichever fruit you want to use to make the jam. Squeeze some fresh lemon juice on the fruit carefully avoiding lemon seeds. Add brown or white sugar to taste. Start with half a cup and add more later if needed.

Leave the berries on the kitchen counter at room temperature, covered with a plate.

In about an hour or two, the fruit will break down due to the added sugar and release some juices.

Add the mixture in a pot and start stirring until it meets your desired consistency. Shouldn’t be too runny or it wont settle like jam.

You have to stir constantly or it will stick. You will know it is ready when a light thin white froth appears on the surface. Even if u don’t spot the froth u will know when your jam is ready. Let it cool down. My sister recommends pouring out the jam in jars when slightly hot so that it settles well.

Home-made Raspberry Jam

This recipe is one of those where you go with the flow and add ingredients as they feel right. Total “anadazay se”┬áscene. You can make the jam of any fruit using this home-made raspberry jam recipe.

For me it was extremely special how my sister taught the recipe to Zeynab, because there is something so heart-warming about one generation passing on a recipe to another. For us who live away from our families, these experiences are so few and far between, making them all the more special.

Home-made Raspberry Jam

Use this jam at breakfast or as a snack!

Do let us know if you try this recipe!