healthy screen time with osmo

Making Healthy and Creative Screen Time Happen with Osmo

When I was a little girl there used to be a cartoon on television about a magic pencil. Whatever was drawn with the pencil came to life. All I ever wanted was that magic pencil. I love that we now live in a world where there are 3D printers and Osmo Creative Starter Kits for children to capture their imagination!

Osmo combines digital and physical play and makes healthy and creative screen time happen.

All you need to do is put your device (an iPad or Fire tablet) in a compatible Osmo Base with the red reflector over the device’s camera. Osmo scans the table or board and your child’s creations come alive on the screen!
We downloaded the Osmo Monster, Masterpiece and Newton apps and have been enjoying hours of creative fun. The starter kit also comes with 4 dry erase markets and a microfibre eraser pouch.
osmo starter kit
As a child I could never have imagined that a character on screen could play with something that I drew! This is exactly what happens with Osmo Monster! Mo, the Monster, takes the children along on his adventures, incorporating their drawings in the story line!
Osmo Newton helps children develop problem solving skills guiding falling on-screen balls into targeted zones. This helps children exercise visual problem-solving skills. There are 60+ levels of creative engineering here as children navigate virtual balls into real-life objects.
Osmo Masterpiece lets children draw pictures of anything: a specific art piece, picture of their most favourite stuffed animal or even themselves! You can take a picture from within the app, upload one from your library or choose from the app.
I love that children can draw either on the Osmo board or on a piece of paper!
osmo creative starter kit
Parents will love the feature of Osmo Masterpiece where children can practice writing also!
We love that the Osmo products and especially the Creative Starter Kits keep children engaged in a learning environment. Highly recommend them for making screen time healthy and creative. Now I only have to wait till the kids go to sleep to play with the magic pencil I had always imagined from my childhood!
You can checkout all Osmo products on their website here.
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Disclaimer: The Osmo Creative Kit was gifted to us. All opinions are my own.