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How We Setup Our Backyard Swing

Thank you for all your love on our backyard swing! We setup this swing in our first year in this house. Sharing all the details in this post including product links and tips! It’s really quite simple but this post ensures that I can share everything in one place and then direct all queries here.

Before I start, I want to admit that Jaffar chose the saucer swing. I had a more dreamy (and impractical) design in mind. Something like this:



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Thankfully we decided on a more practical swing! However, I still dream of the one above…one day will find the space for it!

backyard swing

We got this swing from Costco! Here’s the link to buy it!

I got some artificial flowers from amazon to cover the ropes. Michaels and Dollar store usually have artificial flowers on sale also. Mine have survived all seasons in the outdoors.

When I want to dress up the swing, I add a blanket and cushions. Otherwise the children use it without it.

The swing can support 114 kg (250 lb), so can support upto two children or a slim adult.

Now the best part about this swing is lying in it and looking up!

backyard swing

While I might be enjoying the views, my husband as the engineer is always thinking of safety!

So you will need slings and clips to tie the swing safely to the tree branch.

I have linked the ones we have below:


Also make sure you pick a sturdy branch that can hold the weight of the swing.

If you have grass under the swing I want to warn you that it will die. We consider that a small price to pay for the joy this backyard swing has brought our family.

backyard swing

This swing has featured as a decoration piece in our many garden parties, along with being an all-weather activity for the children. We have had this particular swing for five years now and it has survived through winter snow and spring showers.

Let me know if you have any questions and I would be happy to answer them!