Talking About Health Takes Guts But is so Worth it!

Jaffar and I have always been conscious about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Over the years we have realized that this involves not just a healthy diet, lots of water, regular exercise, reducing stress but also gut health.  Talking about health definitely takes guts, so let’s talk about it in detail today.

We made major changes in our diet by eating more vegetables, less meat and reducing sugar. Drinking more water sounds like a no-brainer but is not as easy to implement. I started drinking more water by having a cup of warm water with lemon first thing in the morning and then reaching for water rather than juice or a cup of tea later in the day. I also get my exercise done first thing in the morning since it gives me a great buzz for the whole day.

Mental health is a big aspect of our overall health and we ensure that our home is a place where all emotions are accepted and we can communicate openly with each other.

An important part of health which I feel is often not talked about is gut health. Constipation is something everyone has faced at one time or another. So why is it embarrassing to talk about it?

Let me open the dialog by discussing a few times I myself have been constipated. There was a time when I wasn’t eating enough fibre and got painfully constipated. I always know my children aren’t drinking enough water when they get constipated. And ofcourse all mothers remember the struggle of passing stool after child birth. 

Let’s normalize the conversation about gut health and talk about solutions such as Lax-a-day.

Lax-A-Day is tasteless, grit-free, sugar-free powder to be mixed in a beverage. Gut health requires a healthy diet, adequate water intake and occasionally adding a laxative for gentle relief when necessary.

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Disclaimer: This blog post is sponsored by Lax-a-day. All opinions are my own.

This product might not be suitable for you. Always read and follow the label.

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