NYC with the girls

New York City with the Girls in 48 Hours

Super excited to share pictures and details from my all girls trip to New York City in the last week of November! Technically, I travelled alone and joined my friends in the big apple but this trip was all about having a lot of fun with the girls. I stayed with my friend Bushra and we made memories to make us smile for many years to come. Watch all the details on my vlog below:

Here is a quick recap of my time in NYC and all that we were able to squeeze in! This was my fourth visit to the city so I had done most of the touristy things. The agenda for this trip was to spend time with my friends, eat, walk and talk!

My husband was a huge sport for taking care of the kids. This was the first time I left my three-year-old overnight and the only time I had left my daughter was when I went to the hospital to have Hussein. Needless to say, the kids and my husband survived! And I came back, a very refreshed mother!

NYC DaY 1:

Much of Friday was spent in travelling. I took the direct flight from Calgary’s YYC to New York’s JFK. Due to the flying time and two hours time difference, I landed in New York at 4.30pm. Took a cab to my friend’s apartment to save on time. We hugged, boosted each other’s ego with compliments and then headed out in the city! Friday nights are free admission at the Museum of Modern Arts (MoMA) and I was able to enjoy some of my favourite artists and their creations. We had dinner at a cosy Italian restaurant and then burnt it off by walking to the Rockefeller Centre and Times Square.

NYC DaY 2:

The second day in manhattan started with breakfast at Jack’s Wife Freda on Carmen Street. The food was amazing, especially the rosewater waffle. But who was paying attention? I was busy catching up with my friends, most of whom I was meeting after a decade. After the breakfast, we walked around the city taking in the beautiful neighbourhoods and stopping at various places for yummy treats. The last stop for the afternoon was Grand Central Station.

The plan for the night was catching the Downton Abbey’s travelling exhibition in Manhattan. For a big fan of the show, this was an amazing experience. The rest of the night was lots of walking around the city and being part of the NYC buzz.

NYC DaY 3:

For the last day in NYC, we explored lower manhattan by going to the 911 Memorial, walking the financial district and then to Battery Park. We then took a cab across the bridge to the stylish DUMBO neighbourhood of Brooklyn. The vlog linked above has all the details about the best photo ops here.

After a delicious lobster wrap at Luke’s, it was time for me to take a cab back to JFK. I did make the most of my time at the airport by sneaking in a relaxing massage and getting gifts for Jaffar and Zeynab from the Museum of Modern Art’s shop at the terminal (and ammie, ┬ábefore you protest, I had already bought a plane for Hussein from Union Square Market).

So, this was a quick recap of my adventures in NYC. Hope you enjoyed them!

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