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All Things Eid: Let’s Talk about the Biggest Celebration of the Year

Eid is a special time to celebrate with family and friends. When I moved to Canada nine years ago, I spent the first couple of Eids getting bored at home, calling family in Pakistan and reflecting that ‘nothing happens here on Eid’. When I became a mother, I realized that I needed to plan myself and make Eid exciting for my children just as it had been in my own childhood.

It’s no wonder then that I have written many posts on Eid. Here is a round up of all of them! Hope you’re having a wonderful Eid. The picture above is from our celebration the night before Eid as Zeynab and I invited our friends to sing, dance and put on henna.

How to Bring Excitement Into Eid For children

Lots of tips in this post to make Eid fun for children and an event that they look forward to!

Eid Memories and Traditions

Reflecting here on Eid memories from my childhood and the traditions we are now building in Canada.

Eid Photos


Lots of Tips and Resources here on how to plan an Eid party for children.

Eid Party

Planning a Garden Eid Party

How about having an Eid Party out in the garden? All tips and resources here.

Eid Dresses & Looks

Sharing the Eid dresses and looks for the entire family from Eid. Read all about it here.

eid dresses and looks

Style Guide to Be Eid Ready

There are lots of preps leading up to the days of Eid. Here is a style guide to be on top of your game for Eid.

Pro Tips to Take Amazing Eid Photographs

Eid is a great time to take memorable Eid photographs because everyone is dressed in their best. Here are some pro tips to take amazing photographs without the stress.

Book Review: My Eid Mubarak Story Book

Our review of Omer Naqi’s My Eid Mubarak Story book, which can be a great Eid present for children.

Hope you enjoy these posts and have a fabulous Eid!

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