Meal Ideas for Ramadan

Hope you’re all doing great in the blessed month of Ramadan. Here are some meal ideas as you plan your week ahead. Hope they help. Ramzan Mubarik!

Tandoori Baked Chicken

I love recipes that involve baking so that there is less mess in the kitchen and if the prep can be done a night before it’s a total win-win! A delicious Tandoori Baked Chicken recipe by My Halal Kitchen.

Crispy Okra

A delicious crispy fried okra recipe that can maybe replace pakoras? OK, who am I kidding, there is NO replacement for pakoras. Follow this link for the recipe.

Keema Chapatis

A stuffed roti recipe by Fauzia’s Kitchen Fun. That can be great for both Aftari and Sehri. Do remember though that red meat will make you more thirsty later in the day, so best to have this for breaking the fast.

Chicken Pulao

Chicken Pulao is always a great idea! Eat with some yummy raita and kachoomar salad, making it perfect for hot summer days. Recipe here.

Rooh Afza Sundae

We all need some Rooh Afza in our life in Ramzan! Here’s a fun way to incorporate it in a dessert by Raj from Pink Chai Living. Recipe here.

Meethi DAhi Phulki

This Meethi Dahi Phulki recipe by Food Fusion is perfect for the day you want to treat yourself or some guests at Aftari!


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