Crispy Bhindi

Crispy Bhindi Recipe 

I’m a big fan of vegetarian dishes. This lovely simple okra (Bhindi) recipe of Crispy Bhindi is one of my favourite side dishes. You can service this alongside any main of rice, baked chicken or fish.

I first had this crispy bhindi at a family friend’s house in Manila. I simply loved it and couldn’t stop myself from taking many servings.

The recipe comes from the amazing book “Heirloom Recipes from Pakistan” put together by the Pakistan Women’s Association of the Philippines.

The recipe is quite simply and I have shared it below. I used frozen okra that I got from the frozen vegetable aisle at superstore. For chaat masala I used Shan’s chaat masala.

Crispy Bhindi

It’s very important to pat dry the okra before tossing in the gram flour and spices mix.

Crispy Bhindi
This Crispy Bhindi is best served freshly fried. It’s a great side dish and goes wonderfully with mutar pulao + raita + kebab or baked chicken/fish.

I usually find that Pakistani men are not big fans of vegetables in traditional dishes and always prefer dishes with meat such as chicken karhai, nihari, biryani or haleem. South Asian women are generally more fond of vegetarian dishes and love adding lots of spices in them. Have you experienced that? Whenever I’m planning a dinner with families I’m conscious to include meat dishes for the women. However, if it’s an all-girls party, I find menu planning more interesting and simpler since I can experiment with many vegetables and the ladies appreciate it.

Do try this Crispy Bhindi recipe at your next gathering and share with me how it turns out! Always love hearing from you!

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  1. wow! I never tried Bhindi like that! seems yum! I love Okra!.. I tried a new recipe today too.. sadly it got all gobbled up before I could take pix :(.
    Yummy blog post!

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