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Master Ayub: A Hero Fighting Fire and Illiteracy in Pakistan

Master Ayub has been educating underprivileged children for the past 37 years in Islamabad at his street side school. A firefighter by day, he started teaching children in the evening on Hill Road in F6 at a local park. Most children who attend the school, work during the day. They are self-motivated to study as a way to improve their lives and those of their families. We had an opportunity to spend a lovely afternoon with Master Ayub and his students during our visit to Islamabad.

Master Ayub started out alone in his mission to teach the many children in Islamabad who work during the day to support their families and can not attend regular school. Come rain or sunshine, cold winters or blistering summers, Master Ayub has showed up every afternoon at 4pm at the local park on Hill road to teach. He has been doing this for the past 37 years. His students have passed out, given exams and started working. Many have joined him as volunteers and now teach other children.

We visited the school a few days ago and did a fun story time with the younger children. This was a wonderful opportunity to get to know the children better. They are like any other group of children anywhere in the world: with the same dreams, curiosity and zeal for life. They realize they are lucky to have a chance at education and deeply committed to learn.

Education is one of the most critical crisis facing Pakistan. Millions of children are out of school. Master Ayub’s effort is truly commendable. He is doing his part in helping to fill the gap.

Master Ayub

Master Ayub is constructing a permanent location for his school with the help of donations and two rooms have been built already. A school building will help protect the children from the elements and expand the operations. Currently the students learn in an open park space.

master ayub

You can help Master Ayub’s project either by donating books, stationery, notebooks or money. You can also give your time by volunteering at the school. Master Ayub is currently collecting donations for the construction of the school building.

You can contact Master Ayub at +92 300 5576072

Postal Address:

Mohammad Ayub Fire Incharge,

Fire Service Block C, Pak Secretariat Building, Islamabad

School Address:

Ayub Park Open Air School,

Street 9, F-6/3, Islamabad

Accountant Details:

Account No: PK 26 HABB 0004540012348401

Habib Bank Limited, Block A, Branch Pak Secretariat Building, Islamabad

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