what mom wants for Mother's Day

Are you wondering what mom wants for Mother’s Day? Here is the ultimate guide!

Hate to generalize but mothers are usually the planners for special events in most households be it birthdays, graduations, family picnics etc etc. Family members rely on her event planning skills and in the process loose much of their own. If you’re worried about disappointing Mom on Mother’s Day, keep reading! I’m giving you the simplest guide for what Mom wants for Mother’s Day. Whether Mother’s Day is a special day in your house or just another day, making mom feel special never hurts!

So what does Mom want for Mother’s Day? Flowers, breakfast-in-bed, spa day, lunch out, etc etc? Actually it depends on how old her children are. See all of us Moms have various seasons of motherhood: New Mom, Mom of Toddlers/Preschoolers, Mom of Kids under 9, Mom of Tweens, Mom of Teens, The Empty Nester, Grandmother etc etc.

All of these stages have different needs and let’s talk about each one of them:

New Mom

Sleep. Sleep. Opportunity for cuddles with baby. Breakfast in bed. Thoughtful card. Photo ops (only when mom is ready or with appropriate filters). More sleep. This is exactly what mom wants for Mother’s Day when she is in the thick of the baby days.

MOm of toddlers/Preschoolers

Sleep. Breakfast in bed. Cuddles with kids. Photo ops. Take the kids out for the day and let mom chill on her own till she calls you herself to say that she misses the kids.

Mom of kids under 9

Sleep in. Breakfast. Take the kids for activities and drop mom at the nearest spa. Pick her later and enjoy a take away lunch at home. Family movie time and lots of cuddles.

Mom of tweens

Involve the kids in making breakfast, serving it and cleaning up later (most important part).

Try a fun activity with the kids: Let’s draw Mom! All the kids draw a picture of Mom: how they see her, what is she doing, what’s her expression, what is she thinking? This will be a wonderful bonding exercise and will make a great keepsake.

Mom of teenagers

Reconnect with your kids by playing a fun game of icebreaker questions. You will all get to know each other in a different light. You can google many icebreaker questions, but here are a few suggestions: Most terrifying situation you have been in, idea of a perfect afternoon, if you could go back in history and be one famous person for a day who would that be, etc.

Empty Nester

If you live close by, spend time with her. Cook for her or take her out. If you can’t visit, make sure you send flowers or a thoughtful card and do call her for a long relaxed chat.


The best gift for any grandma are her grandchildren. Make sure she gets to spend quality time with hers to make the day spacial for her.

Hope you enjoyed this simple guide to what mom wants for Mother’s Day! Let me know how you plan to spend yours. Feel free to share this guide with any family members you feel might need some guidance!

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  1. Urdu mom: I looooooved the list!!! Looks like you have been pampered quite a bit yourself!! Continue to enjoy the pampering… And don’t forget to send the wish list to your hubby???? for an awesome Mother’s Day!! ??Happy Mother’s Day ??

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