New Year's Eve Activities with Kids at Home

New Year’s Eve Activities with Kids at Home

This year too, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be spending new year’s eve at home. This is important to stay safe, however, it can be boring for the kids. Sharing some fun ideas for new year’s eve activities with kids at home. These will make new year’s eve memorable as a family.

New Year’s Eve Activities with Kids at Home

1. Make a family time capsule together

Say goodbye to the year by putting together a time capsule. This can include newspaper clippings, event tickets, boarding passes, pictures etc. Anything that made 2021 special. Imagine what fun it will be to open this capsule later.

2. Happiness Jar for the new year

You can put together a Happiness Jar for 2022, where you add empty notes and use the jar to record moments of happiness throughout the year. It’s lovely to read these at the end of the year.

3. Write family cards of gratitude

Get together as a family and write cards, where you express gratitude for each other. For example, children can tell their parents, all the different ways they are thankful for them. Also parents can write cards for their children telling them all the ways they are grateful for them including how they were helpful during the year, and all the wonderful things they did. These family cards of gratitude can become a lovely family tradition.

4. Scrapbook/Memory Journal

Print memorable pictures from the year and put them in a journal along with dates and personal notes for each occasion.

5. Resolution Notes

Talk to your children about their goals for the year ahead. Make resolution notes and put them up in a special place so that you can revisit them over the year.

6. Watch celebrations across the globe

Kids can’t be expected to stay up till midnight (for that matter neither can tired parents). Make use of the time difference and watch celebrations of countries that are ahead such as Australia. Grab some popcorn and make it fun!

new year's eve at home

Hope you enjoyed reading these New Year’s eve activities with kids at home! How do you plan to celebrate? Do let us know!

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