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Why Neighbours Matter: My Experience with the Nextdoor app

We have always been blessed with great neighbours and stayed in touch with them.  Whether I was a new immigrant in Edmonton or a new mother in Calgary, my neighbours have always been a source of help, comfort and important local information. Nextdoor, the neighbourhood app, now makes it easier than ever to connect with your neighbours. Let me tell you all about it!

This time is difficult, especially the holiday season. Being months into social distancing is taking a toll on everyone’s mental health. Stress, anxiety, depression, and loneliness are at an all-time high around the world. You know what can help? Staying connected with those around us. 

Nextdoor, the neighbourhood app, recently partnered with leading academics like Dr. Juliane Holt-Lundstad on a global research study examining how meaningful connections and small acts of kindness can impact feelings of loneliness, quality of life, and well-being.

Among the study’s findings is that knowing as few as six neighbours and performing small acts of kindness can reduce the likelihood of feeling lonely, depression, social anxiety, and health and financial concerns related to COVID-19. 

Nextdoor app

I have personally experienced the benefits of staying connected with my neighbours over the years, sharing information and keeping a check on each other’s well being. I have kept the mail safe for my neighbours when they have gone on vacation, asked my neighbours for a cup of sugar when I have run out of it while baking and taken turns shovelling each other’s sidewalk. 

I realize that it’s not always easy to get to know your neighbours, especially these days. Nextdoor, the app for neighbours, makes it easier for neighbours to connect with each other and everything nearby, including local businesses, services, news updates, recommendations and stuff for sale from the people down the block.

The Nextdoor app has real people at real addresses. All neighbours have to verify their identity. They’re the same people you wave to on the block.

I love how the Nextdoor app keeps me connected with everyone nearby. Just last night when we had a huge dump of snow in Calgary, neighbours were able to reach out to those that needed a helping hand.

Privacy is the priority at Nextdoor. They do not share your name, address or email with advertisers, and your conversations will not be indexed by search engines. They are committed to building trust with neighbors every day.

This holiday season there are many around us suffering from loneliness. Small acts of kindness towards our neighbours can bring light in both their life and yours. 

I’m loving the new holiday feature on the Nextdoor app called the Cheer Map, which shows you which neighbours have decorated their houses for the holidays. Grab a hot drink and lift your spirits with a safe, distanced festive tour of your neighbourhood. 

Nextdoor app

You can also join the #kindchallenge on the Nextdoor app or at

Download the Nextdoor app today and connect with your neighbours. I’m eager to hear your experience!

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Disclaimer: This blog post is sponsored by Nextdoor. All opinions are my own.