home-made night cream

Home-made Night Cream

My mother shared the recipe of a home-made night cream that she got from Ghazal Siddique’s channel. Yes, the same Ghazal Siddique who starred in the PTV drama Marvi and is still ever so beautiful! My mother is a loyal fan of this night cream and swears by it for working against wrinkles and keeping the skin soft.

I decided to make this home-made night cream (after constant reminders from Ammie) and love it! It takes time for the results to show (atleast a month) but I’m loving it and use it on my face, neck, arms and elbows now regularly. It moisturizes extremely well, so perfect for the up coming winter days! I have also noticed my skin tone getting more even.

If you want, you can watch the video and get the recipe of the cream. Otherwise if you’re impatient like me, I have written the ingredients and quick how-to below.


Home-made Night Cream ingredients

Coconut oil     1 tablespoon

Almond oil      2 tablespoon

Castor oil      1 tablespoon

Vitamin E oil   1 teaspoon

Glycerine       1 tablespoon

Aloe vera gel   1 tablespoon

How To:

Mix all the ingredients and blend well with a hand blender. It’s best if you get aloe vera gel directly from the plant, otherwise try and buy a natural alternative.

To make a bigger batch, increase the ingredients by the same proportions.

Store the night cream in the fridge and use within a month.

Apply on the face at night after washing the face. In the morning wash the face again, so that the coconut oil does not clog the pores.

As with all skin products, do a patch test plus do your due diligence if this cream suits your skin.

home-made night cream

I decided to make this home-made night cream as a party favour for a friend’s birthday.

This product really lasts and little goes a long way!

I employed the kids in transferring the cream to the little tin party favour boxes. They helped out happily.

home-made night cream

I have shared the products I used below. Let me know if you have any questions!

Products used:

  • Coconut Oil is Kirkland brand from Costco.
  • Almond Oil from Hunza, Pakistan.
  • Aloevera gel:

  • Glycerine:

  • Castor Oil

  • Vitamin E oil: