Urdu Aphabet Puppets

Urdu Alphabet Puppets

Sharing a fun activity to make Urdu alphabet puppets. These can be used as you arrange Urdu story time for children at home or in the classroom. We have been using these in our weekly live Urdu story time on facebook.com/urdumom and having a great time with them!

What you need:

Card stock in different colors, googly eyes, glue, pen.

What to do:

  • Cut the card stock in squares
  • Now cut the shapes of the Urdu alphabets and glue on the square. Use googly eyes for dots to add some fun.
  • Cut a thin strip of paper and roll in a circle for the approximate width of your fingers and glue at the back of the square to hold the square.
  • Your fun Urdu alphabet puppets are ready to play with!
  • Another fun way to make puppets is to glue to squares you made earlier on popsicle sticks as we did below. This makes it easier for little fingers to hold them.

Urdu Alphabet Puppets

Here is an Urdu story time we did using these Urdu alphabet puppets:


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