Aisi Hai Tanhai: Grim Side of Social Media

Who all is watching the new Pakistani drama on ARY digital: Aisi Hai Tanhai? I started the drama because it’s the return of Nadia Khan to dramas and I wanted to check out the project she chose. Six episodes down, the drama is showing a very grim and real side of social media and how lives are destroyed.

Aisi Hai Tanhai

Aisi Hai TanHai: Main Characters

I will be honest, the lead characters of Hamza and Pakeeza were totally driving me crazy with their over-the-top puppy love, at the start of the drama. They are truly, madly and deeply in love with each other and their immaturity costs them both big time. Nadia Khan plays an age-appropriate role of Pakeeza’s elder sister Kinza and Saba Hameed is the single mother hardened by a tough life of raising her girls alone.

Aisi Hai TanHai: Main theme and Story

There really isn’t much in the story as it starts and it looks like another tragic drama where women will cry and moan “hai mein bechari“, “log kya kahein gay” etc¬†every five minutes. The sound track though nice makes the mood just that extra gloomy.

However things take a turn when Pakeeza’s objectionable pictures are leaked on the internet and the story explores how all this happened and the after-effects.

Aisi Hai TanHai: Social Media LESSONS

While I honestly wish the story would move faster and has less scenes of people staring in space and crying, there are some important social media lessons to be learnt from this drama:

  • Don’t be reckless in this digital age. Privacy is more important than ever and starts with responsible behaviour. Whatever you write or share, even with one person, can reach anywhere. Can you imagine the picture you just took printed at the front of a newspaper?
  • Dares and proofs of love are not just immature but dangerous.
  • If you care for your privacy, respect the privacy of others also. Don’t view or share a video you know was not meant to be public.
  • Society’s double standards extend to the internet now also. We condemn the same thing we secretly share and enjoy.
  • Don’t say something on social media that you can’t say on someone’s face.
  • Hamza’s mother admits that her son was at fault but still refuses to accept Pakeeza because of “log kya kahen ge” and society’s concepts of “izzat”.

While we have all heard and witnessed many social media scandals, Aisi Hai Tanhai shows us the impact on human lives closely and in a very grim way. Hopefully many would learn a lesson through this story and we will all try to be more responsible. May Allah protect everyone.

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