Book Review: Bessie, Queen of the Sky

As a woman, a mother and an adult who was once a little girl, books that inspire girls and encourage them to think big are very important to me. When you read books to children, be aware of the message being sent out: Is a gender stereotyped, a group ridiculed or any prejudice reaffirmed? I have winced at stories that depict women as weak and men are saviours. These books are damaging for young minds: boys and girls alike. I want my son and daughter to grow up with the same ambition and view the world through the same lens of equality. This is why books like “Bessie, Queen of the Sky” are important and much needed.


I was lucky to get an exclusive preview of this book, the first by Queen Girls Publication. “Bessie, Queen of the Sky” is the story of Bessie Coleman the first African American woman to receive her pilot’s license. This book is part of the Queen Girl series that will tell stories of real women turned into fairy tales to inspire girls to follow their dreams. Many more books are planned in this series such as that of Isadora, the Rebel Queen, who revolutionized ballet techniques inspired by the movements of the sea, and Savi, Queen of Education, who reformed education in India. The story of Bessie is the first in this series.

As I read “Bessie, Queen of the Sky” to my daughter I loved how her eyes opened up in wonder and delight. The story shares the struggles and joys of Bessie’s life. My favorite part was Bessie’s relentless enthusiasm and will to pursue her dreams. The recommended age for this book is 4-8 years old and it’s beautifully illustrated.


Books that show girls as the hero and especially girls of colour are very close to my heart. I love books that give my daughter a character she can relate to, who looks and thinks like her. This book was all that and more. The best part is that this is a real story of a real girl. I highly recommend this book for little girls with big dreams.

So if you’re wondering how you can read this book too, I have an interesting idea for you! This book needs our help to get published! Queen Girls has launched a kickstarter campaign to back this project. You can pledge your support with an amount as small as $5 to as big as you want! There are many rewards associated with your pledges from receiving a digital copy, a hard copy, a Queen Girls shirt and much more! The best part is that for pledges above $15 not only do you receive a book but one is donated in your name to a child who may be struggling to dream.


As of December 14, 2016, the project has received $7,565 of its total goal of $8,000. So we’re almost there but need a little more support!

Please visit the Kickstarter link here and do share this with your friends and family. Let’s help every little girl’s dream soar: Up, up and away!