Daffodils Spring Craft

Spring is here and we are enjoying the blossoms in our backyard as a new one seems to pop up everyday!

My five-year-old daughter has been especially loving the Daffodils as they were one of the first to make an appearance. As we admired them, we decided to do a craft using the daffodils as an inspiration.

We made a fun “How-To” video and you can follow the steps either through the video or as typed below!

First a side-by-side comparison of our inspiration and the craft:


Inspired? So let’s start!

We used the main idea from the Garden Classroom book by Cathy James. But instead of making a bunting, as in the book, we made a bunch of flowers.

Things you will need: empty egg carton, pipe cleaners, card stock, paints, paint brush, scissors, glue, tape and a pencil
Things you will need

  1. Draw the shape of the daffodils on plain white card stock.
  2. Paint the flowers yellow and leave to dry.IMG_5112
  3. Cut the craters from egg cartons and paint orange. Leave to dry.shapes
  4. Cut out the flower shapes.
  5. Now stick the craters to the centre of the daffodils.
  6. Tape the pipe cleaners to the back of the flowers.daffodils

And you’re done!


This was a fun spring craft. Let us know if you try it too!

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