Songs of the Morning!


Mornings are a beautiful time of the day, if only we can make it out of the bed in a good mood.

We love this Urdu Song to start our day on a merry note:

Puraab ka darwaza Khula,

Thandi Thandi Chali Hawa,

Jaago Jaago Subah Hoe,

Jaago Jaago Subah Hoe”

And this is us singing the song together so that you can catch the tune:

You might remember this song from the PTV days.

I remember going on lovely morning walks with my father. We would go right after Fajr, and as we walked to Capital Park in Islamabad we would meet lots of dogs out for a walk, Chawkidars (watchmen) finishing their night duty and men leaving the mosque on Park Road after the morning prayers. We would see the sky change colours as the sun rose and feel the difference in temperature, as it turned from chilly to warm with the rising run.

What I loved most about early morning walks was the crisp morning air. Everything is fresh and bursting with positive energy. The flowers are opening and the grass is shining with the jewels of dew. Nature is ready to give us a lovely start to the day if only we venture out. When I moved to Canada, the scenery changed from green to white for the winters. But the air was the same, the crisp fresh morning air. It was still a positive encouraging start to my day and it reminded me of the lovely bonding time my father and I shared on our morning walks.

A couple of years ago I was visiting Pakistan and my parents had moved to a new house. My father told me that there are lovely views of the Margalla Hills from the roof if we go up there early morning. My father is a busy busy man. And I knew from a young age that the best time to catch him at his best and all to myself is first thing in the morning. While everyone else slept, we made our teas in the morning and climbed up the stairs together. The view was definitely magnificent and different from what I had observed in other times of the day. We enjoyed catching up on life and our thoughts. We had the sort of conversation that you cherish for life, not because you say or hear something new, but because you ground yourself on what matters. And that’s why I love mornings. You are able to catch that quiet time to rethink and regroup before you set out to deal with the day.

We have always heard that the early bird gets the worm. The early bird also gets a chance to glimpse at nature at her best. Whenever I visit someplace new I try to wake up at least one day super early to see the place in an entirely new light: the early morning one!

The picture below  is from my backyard and the one at the top is from a trip to mexico trying to holding the morning sun in my hand.



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  1. MashaAllah!!!! Now your writings becomes very mature….Beautifuly explained…keep writting….

  2. Love the audio clip! Z’s Urdu is getting better by the second! Just another example of what quick learners these kids are – Love and dedicated attention does wonders to their learning curve. Keep writing!

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