Books for Kids About Karbala

A List of Books for Kids About Karbala

The events of Karbala are important for all Muslim families. To teach your children more about Muharram and Karbala, here is a list of books for kids about Karbala. I have mentioned suggested ages also to guide parents better.

Books for Kids About Karbala

I have a separate blog post linked here with resources to teach children about Muharram and Karbala including videos, worksheets and activities. This blog post is focussed on book for kids about Karbala. So here we go:

Hadith Al Kisa; The Event of the Cloak

All Muharram majalis start with the Hadith Al Kisa, and this book explains the event beautifully for children ages 2-7.

The Name Chronicles

Kisa Kids has some lovely books for kids about Karbala along with many other topics. We love the Name Chronicles that is written in a comic book style to teach children about the 14 Infallibles (14 Masoomeen A.S.) including Imam Hussein and the events of Karbala.

You can buy it from the Kisa Kids website here. The book is appropriate for pre-teens and teenagers.

books for kids about karbala

Pearls of Karbala

Pearls of Karbala is a lovely book written and illustrated by Fatemazahra Merali that concentrates on the lessons that can be learnt from the events of Karbala sacrifice, friendship, loyalty, forgiveness and submitting to the will of Allah.

The book is apprpopriate for ages 2-8. Linked below to buy:

Muharram Nights

Muharram Nights is an Islamic children’s poetry book that portrays the battle of Karbala and the sacrifices endured in a language suitable for children. The book practically illustrates the story of Imam Hussein’s infant son and the loyalty of our beloved Imam’s horse, Zuljanah. The book is appropriate for ages 2-8.

You can buy the book from the link here.

Al-Kisa Foundation Books

Kisa Kida has lovely resources for children including books you can print yourself linked here. These include project and colouring books for kids.

Hakima and Hadi Remember Imam Hussain

This book is part of the Hakima and Hadi board book series for ages 2-7 and shares the experience of the kids as they attend a muharram majlis. Linked here.

Do you have recommendations of books for kids about Karbala that I can add to this blog post?

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