Ertugrul theme party

Planning an Ertugrul Theme Party

In 2014, a Turkish TV series by the name of Diriliş: Ertuğrul was launched on TRT 1 which has slowly taken the Muslim world by storm. The show is based on the history of the Muslim Oghuz Turks and takes place in the 13th century. We have recently been binge watching the show and are huge fans, which is why I loved planning an Ertugrul theme party for Hussein’s birthday last week.

I should clarify that Hussein hasn’t watched the show. For his birthday he wanted a Kylo Ren cake and kangaroos over for a visit! It was only my own obsession with the show and availability of all the props for an Ertugrul theme party at home that made it happen!

Hussein still got his cake and Cobb’s Adventure Park brought over their kangaroos. We combined all the interests and themes at have a great time!


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Planning an Ertugrul Theme Party

Ertugrul theme party decorations

Setting the Stage and Theme

Set the stage and theme for the Ertugrul theme party by repurposing things around the house. If the weather allows plan it outdoors. Plan to serve food on the floor. I used a wooden plank lying in the basement as the table, propped by bricks (as you can see in the picture).

We had the cushions in the house already and had bought them from Ikea. Put a carpet or rug under the table and you’re set!


Ertugrul theme party decorations

Candles are a great addition to the decoration and I gathered them from around the house. If you’re able to light them at dinner time, it would really help set the mood!

Look around your house and use any decoration pieces that would go with the theme. Some items I repurposed were the mirror side tables, lanterns, candles and artificial flowers.

I added the buntings at the back because it was a birthday party after all, along with the cake stand and letter H for Hussein.

I have seen some intense Ertugrul fans add a Kayi tribe banner backdrop, but I only wanted to use decorations I had already.


Ertugrul theme party food


Since we are living in the days of COVID-19, we planned for Hussein’s birthday to be socially distant. We invited two other families besides ours and had separate meat platters for each family (Jaffar also added a shawarma each because he never wants the food to run out and always goes overboard).

It would a great idea to have some meat and rice dishes. Now if only everyone would bring their own spoons Ertugrul style!

Ertugrul theme party table setting

The most important thing is to sit together and enjoy a meal on the same table. Even the kids enjoyed this part extremely.

Activities and outfits

Ertugrul theme party outfits


It’s not difficult to dress in the theme, just take out some shawls and your afghani jewelry. The men can wear their kamiz shalwar and any shawls/waistcoats. I feel the spirit is more important than anything else.

For activities put on some Ertugrul theme music and maybe have a race for the kids (without the lambs ofcourse!). You can also do an Ertugrul style bingo or a quiz to have people translate Turkish words and guess how many they get correct!

Do remember to greet everyone with a hand on your chest (extremely COVID-19 compliant also)!

Hope you enjoyed all these ideas and tips to plan an Ertugrul theme party! Are you an Ertugrul fan also?

Ertugrul theme party


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