Informative Shows for Kids

Informative Shows for Kids: Making Screen Time Better!

I know there are various views on screen time for children but I’m all for screen time that is knowledgable and infromative. It gives me a little break while children learn alongside! Win win. I’m not advocating leaving your children infront of screens 24/7. Use screen time wisely and with good judgement. To help, here is a list of informative shows for kids:

Informative Shows for Kids: Mystery Doug

Mystery Doug is a YouTube show for kids where a science teacher answers questions sent by elementary children from around the world on topic such as: “Are unicorns real?”, “Why is the sky blue?”, “What would happen if we didn’t have a skull?”, “Why do animals hibernate?” etc. These are questions that children wonder about often and Mystery Doug is a great resource for science-based answers. I love how Mystery Doug encourages offline research and enquiry and especially his favourite line: “Stay curious”.

I’m sharing the link of a show perfect for the days of social-distancing:

Appropriate age of the show: 4-10.

Informative Shows for Kids: SciShow Kids

SciShow Kids explores all those curious topics that make children ask “why?”. Jessi conducts experiments along with her robot Squeaks, researching new questions, or talking with experts.

Appropriate ages: 3 – 12

Informative Shows for Kids: Crafty Carol/Cool School/Miss Booksy

We love Crafty Carol for lots of crafting ideas plus Miss Booksy has a great way to read and share fun stories for children.

Appropriate ages for the show: 3 – 10.

If I were an Animal

We love this Netflix show that allows children to live the life of an animal and immerse themselves in their world.

Wild Kratts

In each episode the Kratt brothers Chris and Martin Kratt travel to a different corner of the world to meet amazing new animals. We love this show as it helps children learn more about the world around them and is available on both Netflix and YouTube.

Appropriate ages for the show: 4 – 12.

Story Bots

Story bots is another favourite in our house since it answers many science questions even we don’t know the answers to! The show is available on Netflix and also on YouTube on the Netflix Jr. channel.

Appropriate ages for the show: 3 – 10.

Brain Child

Lots of reasons to love this amazing show: STEM, representation and diversity! I love that a brown girl Sahana hosts this Netflix show about science and our world. We are addicted!

Omar and Hana

Omar and Hana is an informative islamic show for kids that takes us in their world as they play, learn and teach good Islamic and moral values through songs and stories.

Appropriate ages: 2 – 10.

Hope you enjoyed this list of informative shows for kids. Please let us know which ones you love, so that we can add them to this list!

We also love all these great Urdu shows for children, that you must check out to improve your Urdu!

We look forward to hear from you!