How I do my Hair

How I Do My Hair: Tips, Tricks & Product Recommendations

All of you are extremely kind to like my hair style and ask for tips on how I do my hair. Here are all the tricks, along with product recommendations.

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My hair are naturally curly and thick. I keep changing my shampoos and conditioners.

In Pakistan I get my hair cut from Nasir Khan in Islamabad and in Calgary from Beverly at Jerome Salon.

Hair Mask:

This home-made mask is extremely effective. Combine 2 tablespoon yogurt + one brown egg + olive oil and apply on the hair half hour before washing.

The Moroccan Restorative Mask is another one that keeps hair soft and manageable. Apply to the ends and leave on for 10-20 minutes before washing off. I have linked the bigger tub. Apply a big tablespoon to the ends. This will last you months!

Drying Hair:

One more trick I have learnt to handle frizz is to wrap my hair in an old cotton shirt after washing them rather than in a towel.

aAfter soaking off all the moisture, I let my hair air dry for a bit. To blowdry them I used to use the Babybliss Hot Air Styler. But have now started using the Revlon Hot Air Brush. I have linked it below for both Amazon USA and Canada.

Make sure you partition the hair and dry small portions of the hair.

First use the hot setting to dry the hair and then use cold to set the style.

Heat Protection:

Do use a good heat protection serum. Linking some nice ones below:

Hair Straightening:

After drying, I use a straightener to smooth out the look. I love the GHD gold and use the 2 inch one. Linking it for both Amazon USA and Canada.

Finishing the Look:

I love to apply a simple oil in the hair to manage frizz and finish the look.

Here is an Instagram highlight where I have shown how I do my hair.

Hope you liked these tips on how I do my hair. Let me know if you have any questions!

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  1. Hi. Plz plz do reply. I just bought one the revlon one step. But after 1st use its bristles are bending. Does yours bristles bend too. Plz do reply. As i am thinking to return it. I am really worried. Many thanks.

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    thank you for the detailed information. How do you apply oil at the end? Do you apply it to the roots or just to the ends.

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