Islamic Cartoons for Kids

Islamic Cartoons for Kids: How Omar & Hana is Filling an Important Need for Families

Muslim families are always on the lookout for quality Islamic cartoons for kids to teach them moral and religious values in a fun and engaging way. We have recently come across Omar & Hana, Islamic songs for kids, and are truly hooked to the engaging tunes.

Omar & Hana, is an extremely popular YouTube channel in Indonesia and Malaysia, and have recently started their channel in English to reach more Muslim children around the globe. Omar is a six year old boy who loves sharks and dinosaurs and Hana is his younger four year old sister. They live with their mother and father in a lovely community. The family shown in the series is modern and relatable. The graphics are great quality and most of all the songs are super catchy.

I have struggled with my four old year old to say AssalamoAlaikum. We greet him with a salam and encourage him to use it when meeting people. However, he runs away at the occasion. The “AssalamoAlaikum song” from Omar & Hana was a God sent!

Do check out more songs from the Omar & Hana YouTube channel

They also a fun website and are on Pinterest

The best part is that there will be lots of more content coming up in English related to topics of kindness, saying Bismillah, being grateful etc!

Islamic Cartoons for Kids

Zeynab even enjoyed the content on the Malay channel and can not wait for it to come up in English!

During Zil Hajj, the last month of the Islamic calender, we have been discussing many Islamic stories and lessons around Eid ul Azha. It always helps to have great Islamic cartoons for kids that supplement and support the messages of patience, kindness and firm belief in Allah.

Omar & Hana, help share beautiful Islamic values with kids in an educational and age-appropriate manner and definitely make the task easier for parents.

We love these cartoons and hope you will too!

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Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Omar & Hana. All opinions are my own.