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Baby Shopping List: An Essential List of Items for the First Year

I remember walking into a store when I was expecting my first child and feeling totally confused with all the options available. It can be a daunting task as a first time mother! Over the years I have been asked many times to put together an essential baby shopping list for the first year! So here you go. I’m pouring all my experience of parenting two kids over almost eight years into this baby shopping list!


1.Get onesies which open from the front. It can be difficult to get the little one’s head through the hole in the first few weeks. You need 4-5 in newborn size. These come by weight in some places. Closer to your due date, the doc will estimate the baby’s weight for you.  Get 4-5 in 3 months sizes.
2. Sleepers: This is what babies usually wear because it keeps them all covered. Get 4-5 in new born size and 4-5 in 3 months size.
3. Two wrapping sheets/receiving blankets
4. One warm blanket
5. Two caps (one warm and one light for indoors)

Do remember that most people give clothes as gifts! So keep that in mind when you shop for fancy outfits.


1.  Bottles (Most companies have starter bottle packs, that have 5 bottles with 0 size nipples for new borns, the flow increases as they grow older)
2. Sterilizer
3. Breast pump
4. Storage for milk

Essential Baby Shopping List

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5. Formula

6. High Chair

7. Rocking chair: Although the perfect nursery seems incomplete without these, usually they are used to soothe baby as you rock in the chair. For feeding, most babies push their legs against the arms. So don’t invest in a very expensive one. You will need a foot rest though.

Diaper Changing:

1. The number#1 essential on the baby shopping list is a diaper dispenser! This is a bin dedicated for babies diapers with a closed lid so odors stay in.

2. Diaper dispensing bags: they seal the odor in and great to throw the diaper in if you are outside. Must for the diaper bag.

3. Changing table: you need something high enough so that you don’t need to bend down to change the diaper. You might be tempted to use the bed, but they are lower and the back suffers especially in the post natal days. The extra storage in the changing table always helps.

4. Changing pad: to put on the table.

5. Diaper changing sheet: get something which is in washable material.  Babies find just the pad surface cold.

6. Diaper wipes

7. Diaper Cream

8. Hand Sanitizer for whoever is changing the diaper

9. Diapers: they come in lots of sizes and will start off with the weight of the baby. If you put on a loose diaper it might leak.


1. Bassinet
2. Crib
2. Baby Monitor: not just for when they are sleeping at night but for naps also so you can     be else where in the house
3. Two crib sheets
4. Crib Mobile: keeps them entertained and looks cute

Bath Time:

1. Baby bath tub
2. Two Towels
3. Shower/Body wash, olive oil to put on later
4. A heater if you think it will be cold

On the Go:

1. Car Seat: Car seats are rare facing (till age 1.5), front facing (after age 1.5) and dual (both front and back). The advantage of getting a rare facing alone is that these are bucket seats. Meaning you can take the car seat out of the car when baby is sleeping and that’s a big help.

2. Baby bag

3. Pram

4. Baby carrier: Great for travel, on the plane, for walks or just around the house.

5. Car seat mirror: so you can look at baby through your rear view mirror when you drive.


There are lots of options for babies and you can decide based on your budget and space between baby bouncers, swings and baby gyms what to add to your baby shopping list. Do remember that most babies are happy lying on a blanket with a few toys around them or just basically staring at the room around him. Encourage tummy time from the start.

Hope you enjoyed this essential baby shopping list. What would you add here!

Disclaimer: This blog post is sponsored by Philips Avent. All opinions are my own.

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