Travel to Syria

Travel to Syria: Sharing Memories and Pictures from a Memorable Trip

I was lucky enough to travel to Syria in 2008 and see the historical and religious sites before war and chaos destroyed the country. I shared a picture of mine from Syria on my Instagram and a lot of you requested more pictures so here goes! Here are some of my cherished memories and pictures from travel to Syria.

I apologize that the pictures are not of the best quality because I took them ten years ago.

Travel to Syria - Roza of Hazrat Zainab

The picture above is of the Roza of Hazrat Zainab that stands tall in Damascus.

travel to syria

The centuries old Omayyad Moqsue is also in Damascus.

The entrance of the Omayyad Mosque where the women and children of Ahle Bait were made to wait for three days by Yazeed.

Travel to Syria

Inside the courtyard of the Ommayad Mosque.

The Ommayad Mosque was a cathedral before, as you can see from this facade.

What you see above is the throne of Yazeed.

Travel to Syria

This is the tomb of Hazrat Yahya (A.S.) inside the mosque.

Travel to Syria

Stone, Sand and Green: a beautiful piece of land, on our way to Halab, the city of Hazrat Ibrahim A.S, also named after one of his alqaab.

This city is also called Aleppo and has been totally destroyed by war.

The courtyard of Masjid e Zakariya, named after the Prophet Hazrat Zakariya (A.S.)

Outside the beautiful Masjid e Zakariya A.S in Alepo (Halab)

Outside the church of the Christian Priest, who safeguarded the head of Imam Hussain for a night, as the procession made its way from Iraq to Syria.

Travel to Syria

On our way to the grave of Hazrat Habeel A.S.

The grave of Hazrat Habeel A.S. is right at the border of Syria with Lebanon.

Steps leading down to the grave of Hazrat Habeel (A.S.), the first grave in the world.

The grave of Hazrat Habeel (A.S.)

Resting on the old steps.

The old market still maintains its character.

This is Bab-e-Sagheer, one of the oldest graveyards in the world.

Tracing our Jaffri roots at the graveyard.

The grave of the beloved Hazrat Bilal (R.A) the beloved companion of our Prophet (P.B.U.H.)

Travel to syria

The steps leading to the cave of the Ashabe-Kaif (as claimed by Syrians).

Inside the cave of the Ashabe-Kaif (as claimed by the Syrians). They say the companions still rest on the other side. I’m not sure about the authenticity of this, so please don’t issue any fatwas on me!

Hope you enjoyed these memories and pictures of my travel to Syria. Hoping for peace in all the world including Syria.

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  1. Masha Allah, how lucky! I think my grandmother and other family members have been there earlier when I was small. I wish to go there for the ziarat one day too!

  2. I love these pictures and the beautiful memories. May Allah help save Syria and Palestine and kashmir.ameen

  3. MA!! Went there a decade back such a progressive country. May peace prevail in this beautiful country.Ameen!

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