Mini Home Decor Project 

Recently I took care of two home decor trouble makers: Mr. Clutter Magnet and Ms. Messy Wires. Have you encountered these monsters? Sharing details of how I dealt with them.

So this story is about a little uninspiring corner in my bedroom. There used to be a couch here a year ago which was the perfect clutter magnet. All bags, books and clothes would end up on it. So I moved it out.

This created a second problem because now the wifi router that was behind the couch was exposed. The messy wires would irritate me every single day. I eventually want to put a writing desk in this spot so didn’t want to spend much in the interim. Something had to be done about the messy wires situation!

I tackled this task by using items already in the house: a side table I got from Pakistan, an old chair that came with our 1958 house, some books that inspire me and fresh flowers. Total cost: zero, satisfaction level: sky high!
Below is a Before and After picture.

Have you recently done any home projects? How do you deal with clutter magnets and messy wires?

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