Butter Chicken Recipe 

Name the number one item on any Southasian/Indian/Pakistani menu in the western world? Yes, you guessed right! It’s Butter Chicken! Having lived 28 years in Pakistan before I moved to Canada, this always amazed me, because we had never cooked butter chicken in our house or seen it on restaurant menus. Chicken Karhai was always the more popular choice. 

Anyways, I decided to make Butter Chicken and it turned out great. Give this recipe a try if you’re just as intrigued as me or sick of the bland taste of the butter chicken from the corner southasian restaurant. 

I used the recipe from the book “Heirloom Recipes from Pakistan”, put together by the Pakistani Women Association of Philipines. Below is the page with the recipe. If you need more details, do ask.  My daughter was looking for some one-on-one time so we cooked together while the baby napped. She helped me by fetching ingredients, mixing and scooping. Over dinner, she proudly told her baba how she cooked with me and I loved the ownership she took. 

Since cooking is  something I do a lot, I like to make it fun. For me, music really helps set the mood. My daughter and I took turns choosing songs while we cooked and this was our play list:
1. “Suraj ke bahon mein” – Zindagi Na Milay Ge Dobara

2. “Cocomo mujhe bhi do”

3. “Sindbaad Sailor” – Rock On

4. Peter Rabbit theme song

5. “Baba Bandook” – Burka Avenger

Do share your results if you try the recipe and tell me what do you listen to when you cook! 

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