dog sledding in Canmore

Dog Sledding in Canmore: A Great Experience With Mad Dogs & Englishmen

We had a wonderful experience of dog sledding in Canmore this weekend. Canmore is the gateway to the Canadian Rockies and this is the perfect location to enjoy an authentic experience of dog sledding with Mad Dogs & Englishmen.

If you love the outdoors this experience is for you! We tried to imagine ourselves reliving the lives of those who have explored these areas many years before us. As the dogs run together and pull the sled, the rush of air on your face and the thrill of going downhill, is an experience that can not be described in words.

Canmore is an hour away from Calgary and you can either make it a day trip out of Calgary or make this part of your adventures while staying in Canmore or Banff.

There are many tours to choose from that vary in duration and location. We took the 1.5 tour of dog sledding in Canmore that starts from Boundary Ranch.  

We were asked to arrive 15 minutes before to sign waiver forms but I would advice to go half an hour earlier to give yourself time to put on the snow pants, and all the extra winter gear to stay warm. I loved how the emails from Mad Dogs & Englishmen had all the details to get us prepared for the adventure ahead.

We got a chance to meet all the dogs in our team. After a safety briefing we were ready to be off! Participants are divided in the sleds based on weight. We got one sled to our family. While the dogs pull as they run, the person(s) standing at the back need to push and steer also. Mad Dogs and Englishmen have their team members to help and support at all times. 

As we started down the trail, the scene was really something out of a fantasy story. 

dog sledding in Canmore

Our first stop was by a teepee where we got treated to hot chocolate and home-baked cookies.

dog sledding in Canmore

The trail has turns, ups and downs that made the experience more thrilling.

The second stop on the trail was to see a herd of bisons. The kids loved that.

Can you really beat these views? Going down the trail was like a roller coaster ride! Light snow added to the winter wonderland feels.

The last leg of the tour looped us back to Boundary Ranch.

This trail was more sheltered but if would like more open and mountain views check out the Mount Musher tour that takes you over Spray Lake.

Details of all the various types of tours are available on the Mad Dogs and Englishmen website.

I highly recommend dog sledding in Canmore for a memorable experience especially to mark special occasions. It was Jaffar’s birthday weekend and look how happy our birthday boy was!

Let me know if you have any questions about dog sledding in Canmore or around Alberta. Would love to help!

Disclaimer: We were hosted by Mad Dogs and Englishmen. All opinions are my own.

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