all-inclusive with kids

All-Inclusive with Kids: 5 Things You Should Look for in the Resort

All-inclusive vacations are truly a God set for families with kids due to their convenience. Based on my experience, here are five things you should look for in the resort when you decide to do all-inclusive with kids.

Room Service

Not all resorts include room service as part of the all-inclusive plan. We realized that while doing all-inclusive with kids, it was easier to eat a lot of meals in the room because we could put the kids down for a nap right away or sometimes we enjoyed a room service dinner on the room balcony after putting the kids to bed. Some resorts would require you to pay for these since they are out of the all-inclusive plan, so make sure you read the fine print!


Cabanas not just provide shade, but you can draw the curtains for privacy. This helps if you’re nursing or want to give baby a nap without having to go back to the room! So make sure the resort you pick has cabanas available for use!

all-inclusive with kids

Kids Club

Many resorts have kids clubs that entertain the kids while the parents can relax a bit! Most start from age 4, so do check if your kids are eligible.


Make sure your resort isn’t too far away from the airport since kids can get super cranky in the shuttle after a long flight. We also realized travelling with a baby that it can super expensive to buy diapers from the resort shop if you run out, so a market close by helps!


If you have a picky eater make sure you read reviews and check what food is offered at the resort. Check restaurant and cafe timings on the resort, because you never know when a child might get hungry!


Hope you enjoyed these tips of doing an all-inclusive with kids. What are your top tips that have worked for your family?

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all-inclusive with kids

One thought on “All-Inclusive with Kids: 5 Things You Should Look for in the Resort

  1. These are really handy tips! We have now traveled with Adam twice and can’t agree more that All-inclusive Hotels are a blessing!

    My Top things for a resort are:

    1. Ensure that the Hotel has kid swimming pool as kids really do enjoy that. As you can leave them there for a bit and check on them from time to time vs being with them in a deeper pool.
    (Also, I buy all swimming/Beach toys from Dollar Store in Canada as they can be quite expensive to buy from a resort shop.)

    2. That one Buffet restaurant is my life line. Most Hotels would have few different restaurants that require reservation and one big Buffet restaurant. Buffets are blessing for me as Adam refuses to eat, then gets hungry and want food right away, can’t wait and is a picky eater. I always read reviews for that one Buffet restaurant. I like the ones that have a wide spread of dishes and are open for couple hours.

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