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A Gratitude Journal for Muslims: Practicing Gratitude for a Month

Our life these days is full of comparisons due to social media. We feel everyone is out for vacations, having delicious dinners and enjoying quality family time. We often forget to count our own blessings and bring the practice of gratitude in our lives. Sharing a lovely gratitude journal for Muslims by Ayeina that helps us develop an attitude of gratitude by counting our blessings for one month.

The gratitude journal for Muslims is called the #Alhumdullilah series and has been divided into four main categories:

1: Alhamdulillah for Basic Necessities

2: Alhamdulillah for Ties That Bind (relationships)

3: Alhamdulillah for Islam

4: Alhamdulillah for Everything (in general)

Each sections has ideas for things to be grateful for and then space to write one thing a day you are grateful for in your life. There is also a notes section to add any additional information. In the “notes” section at the end of your 31 day list, you can write down what you felt after one month of your Alhamdulillah journey. Did it improve your perspective on life? Did it help you sleep with a smile? Did it make you say Alhamdulillah more? Did it water your soul and quench the core?

The book is full of handmade beautiful watercolor illustrations and will appeal especially to kids. This gratitude journal for Muslims would be a beautiful activity to do with your child to help them learn and focus on gratitude and positivity.

Do check out the Ayeina website on details of how you can buy this gratitude journal.

They have a special Buy 1 get 1 free offer running these days also on certain stock so do email them for that!

Gratitude Journal for Kids


Super excited to announce a contest with Ayeina for the Alhumdullilah series! Do participate on Instagram and Facebook below! Contest ends July 25, 2018!

Social media brings contact comparisons and FOMO in our lives! Today I challenge you to practice gratitude and feel the positive changes in your life! Read a review of the beautiful gratitude journal for Muslims, the Alhumdullilah For Series, on the blog (direct link in profile) and participate in a contest to win 1 journal anywhere in the world and 3 in Pakistan! That’s 4 journals to be won or give as gifts! 1. Follow @urdumom and @ayeina_official 2. Tag a friend you’re grateful for in your life (multiple friends get you multiple entries) 3. Bonus point if you mention the qualities of your friend(s) you’re grateful for! 4. Share a picture of what you’re grateful for and tag @urdumom and @ayeina_official in your stories or your wall for extra entries! Contest ends July 25, 2018!

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The image below has more details of the inside of this beautiful gratitude journal for kids!

gratitude journal for kids

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One thought on “A Gratitude Journal for Muslims: Practicing Gratitude for a Month

  1. Jazakillah khair Tasmania for your kind words. It’s so true that we see only one side of the story on social media and when our life takes a turn, it becomes a lonely road because no one around (on the internet) is feeling the blues we are experiencing. In all that, we forget to water our own grass with positivity and gratitude. May we welcome abundance in our lives with the power of gratitude ❤️

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