Meal Plan for the Week

Here it is! Meal Plan for the week to help you as the new week stretches before and you don’t really want to think about the question: “Ajj kya pakana hai” (what to cook today). Lots of fun ideas like Shrimp burger, eggplant, keema biryani and lasange!

meal plan

Monday: Shrimp Burger + Salad

Kick the Monday blues with this amazing shrimp burger recipe by Chefling Tales. Pair with a healthy salad of greens and baked potatoes.

+ Shrimp Burger Recipe

Tuesday: Eggplant + Boiled Rice + Potato Cutlets

Make it a vegetarian Tuesday with a yummy Baingan (eggplant) recipe with boiled white rice and potato cutlets.

Wednesday: Pepper Chicken

Use the boiled rice from Tuesday and serve with this delicious Pepper Chicken recipe by Fauzia’s Kitchen Fun.

THursday: LeftOvers Day

Relax on Thursday and enjoy all the leftovers from the days before.

Friday: Spinach Lasange + Salad

Love this vegetarian Lasange recipe by Jamie Oliver to get into the Friday spirit. Serve with a fresh greens salad.

Saturday: Keema Masoor Biryani

Try something different over the weekend with this Keema Masoor Biryani by My Ninja Naan.

Sunday: Cold Chicken Sandwich

Get everyone in the family involved and make these cold chick sandwiches for a fun Sunday family activity.
Hope you enjoyed this meal plan! Let me know if you try these recipes!

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