Bin Roye Bloopers: Dil Bohat Roye

I generally like Pakistani Dramas. They provide a good escape and remind me of home. However a few have proven to be great disappointments in the past few years. And I’m sad to report that Bin Roye has fallen in that category. I had high hopes for this drama because I liked the movie and was excited to get greater details about all the characters. However the slow pace of Bin Roye, the drama, along with the many bloopers have made me truly frustrated with this one.

From what I know of the making, the drama and the movie went through many directors. That’s evident from the numerous bloopers which any viewer can pick up. I’m surprised they escaped the editors. Here are a few bloopers I remember (There are many more I noted when I watched the earlier episodes but now don’t have the patience to go through the episodes again to remember them, so help me out if you know a few?):

  • In the earlier episodes, a child Saba specifically says she won’t call Irteza “Bhai” and then in the very next scene, is heard shouting “Irteza Bhai”.
  • Amir proposes for Saba and it takes two years for the news to reach Pakistan. Kya rishta kashti per aa raha tha?
  • Where does Safeer really live? America, Canada or neverland? Because it was always established that he lives in America but then suddenly in episode 13, it’s mentioned that Safeer is a canadian citizen and lives there. By episode 14 though he is again in America. Maybe the writers think that for the poor awam of Pakistan, America and Canada is the same thing?
  • In Episode 14, Irteza very clearly tells his uncle that no one should find out that he is going to America (for his sting operation) especially Saba. Then how come when she sees him entering her house, she asks “aap america se wapis aa gaye?”
  • I wonder if Mahira Khan remembered the many parodies done of her “mummy aap kya keh rahe hain” from HumSafar, as she repeated “mummy pls mummy pls”, again to her saas in episode 14. Mummy deja vu. 

For a drama that had such potential, I’m sad to see these editing flaws. Maybe this is because of the many changes of directors or because they tried to make a movie and a drama from the same product. Is an advertisement next? Bin Roye Immigration Services: Get spouse visa without delay. 

So yes, these are the few bloopers I remember. If you noticed a few more please share! Let’s vent together.

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  1. One of these days, I am going to get around to watching these shows. My mom watches them and I see Netflix now has a few available too! As always, a pleasure reading your posts. Much success in 2017!

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