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Khushamdaid! Welcome to my blog. We’re a Pakistani-Canadian family. Follow our Urdu adventures as we live, love and laugh as a bilingual, multicultural, immigrant family in beautiful Alberta. Some of my writings will be nostalgic as I miss my country of birth: Pakistan. But also optimistic as we create a unique space with our Pakistani/Urdu heritage and day-to-day Canadian lives.

My wish and goal as a mother is to pass on the love and understanding of the Pakistani culture to my children growing up in Canada, through their mother tongue Urdu. I’m also a fairly regular mom so a lot of my posts will be about my everyday day/night job: being Super Urdu Mom! Thanks for visiting. Keep on checking back and do explore the various sections. Khuda Hafiz!

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  1. بهت اچها خیال هي جو کچه مین کر سکی مدد کرون گی

    1. Keep it up Tamania! Madam Zareen I was Bcs student in 2000 till 2004 at Cit institute , its lovely seeing Your comment hope You are doing great miss You. Dear Tamania I’ve myself 4.8 years old son love Your concept and I’m so fond of writing poems & songs and would love to send You in Urdu useful poems , kindly if You can provide me an email where I could send , love from Munich , Germany

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