“When was the last time you smiled at yourself?”

Spotted these beautiful self-portraits displayed at my daughter’s preschool made by four year olds. 

I was struck with how every face was smiling. That’s how these children view themselves: happy and smiling. We as adults smile at our family, neighbors or even a kind stranger, but when was the last time you gave yourself a smile? 

When we look at our faces in the mirror or a picture, we usually become so occupied with the flaws, the lines, the bags under the eyes, or the imperfect hair, that we forget to appreciate ourselves and give a smile of acknowledgment to the most important person in our life: the one looking back in the mirror at us fearing judgement. So don’t wait for the perfect hair, skin or makeup day. Smile at and for yourself everyday. Kindness to the rest of the world starts with ourselves.

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