Urdu Story Time

Urdu Story Time: Join Us Every Saturday to Share the Joy of Urdu!

In my quest to pass on the love of Urdu to the next generation, I have been doing a Live Urdu Story Time with my daughter Zeynab for the past two years now. We do this Urdu Story Time through Facebook Live videos on our Facebook page and keep it super interactive and engaging for children!

We go live every Saturday at 9.30 am (mountain standard time), 11.30 am (eastern standard time) and 8.30 pm in Pakistan. Have you attended our Live Urdu Story Time? We would love to see you there!

Here is a link to our latest session on Facebook:

We also have a YouTube channel where we share many fun Urdu stories and poems. Do check it out!

Here is a bilingual (Urdu/English) song about Eid!


Teaching children Urdu is a challenge for parents, especially those who live outside Pakistan. Even for parents who live in Pakistan, it can be tough making Urdu learning fun for children. I share some tips in this blog post, about how to teach Urdu to children.

If you want to conduct an Urdu story time of your own in your community or school, here are some tips and resources.

If you’re looking for great urdu books for children, do read this post for my recommendations and how to buy these books in Pakistan and around the world.

Teaching your children Urdu is a gift you can give them since there are many cognitive and social benefits of being multi-lingual. Do read this blog post if you’re looking for more reasons of teaching your children their mother tongue.

Watching great content in Urdu also facilities vocabulary development for children. I have compiled a list of great quality cartoons in Urdu in this blog post. Do read it!

Hope you enjoyed this blog post! Have you attended our Live Urdu Story? We would love to see you there!