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Getting Your Life Back into Shape After the Winter Holidays

The winter holidays are almost over. The busy days of vacations, family reunions and dinners are done. The children will be heading back to school soon. But are you ready to face the routine? It’s not just the waist line that has expanded, but the house is upside down along with the monthly budget. Here are a few tips to get your life back into shape after the winter holidays.

1. Organization and Clean up

The mayhem of the winter holidays requires a thorough cleanup of the house and re-organization. Research shows that decluttering is great for us as it lets us think clearly and reduces anxiety. Give your mental health a boost by cleaning the house.

2. Getting ready for daily routines

The days of winter break are a welcome change from daily routines. However, getting back into everyday schedules can be tough. To make the transition easier try the following:

  • Start adjusting bedtimes a few days before to make early mornings easier.
  • Make a meal plan for the week including school lunches. Make lists to organize yourself better for groceries and other needs.
  • Revisit your calendar to remind yourself about upcoming appointments and meetings.
  • Take out school bags and make sure uniforms are ready.

3. Financial management

Holidays are expensive times and budgets are sure to go out of whack. Have a look at your finances and make a budget for the coming months. Discuss short and long term goals with your spouse so that plans and expectations are aligned.

4. Personal well-being

Winter break is a time spent indulging ourselves with food, company and late nights. Here are a few tips to improve your personal well-being:

  • Start eating healthy, including more fruit in your diet.
  • Drink a lot of water.
  • Start your exercise routine again if you stopped during the vacations. If you have specific fitness goals align your workout to those, starting with achievable steps.
  • To reward yourself, couple exercise with an activity that you enjoy such as calling a loved one, listening to music or watching a favorite show.
  • Take care of your skin and that of the whole family in the harsh winter days. Keep a moisturizer handy at all times to keep your skin hydrated. Our family favorite is Naturalene Daily Skincare that is perfect for all our needs and safe for the whole family with its natural and certified organic ingredients.

Hope these tips help you get your life back into shape after the winter holidays. All the best! Would love to hear how prepared you are for the routine to start!

Disclaimer: This blog post is sponsored by Greeniche. All opinions are my own.

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